Thursday, December 27, 2007

the birth of Etsy

well boys and girls... the day has come. i am the proud owner of an ETSY shop! yay! now, i am still away for the holidays (and by the way, happy happy holidays to all of you). for those of you who haven't been exposed to it yet, etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods from all over the world. its amazing. you could, and i say this to prepare, not frighten you, spend literally every waking moment on this site. people have been telling me for ages that i should be a member of this community and i kept putting it off for one reason or another, but as my business grows i realize i need a more direct outlet to offer online sales, and thus--- the etsy shop. i'm pleased with the way it looks and functions thus far... i'm sure i'll be tweaking it every now and again, and sources in the know say that the best move (business wise) is to fill the shop slowly (each time you post a new item your shop moves to the top of a very long "what's new on etsy" sort of list... listing often keeps you fresh), so be patient with me as i get the hang of the routine. over the next couple weeks i will be adding a little of everything--- illustrations, cards, excerpts, greenstarstuff etc.

now, don't all jump up from your figgy pudding and rush off to the computer just yet; i recognize that most of you are probably still enjoying the hibernation period that is mid december through early january, and believe me, i am too. i am just really excited that my shop is up and running and that it only took me, oh, all day to figure out. there's not much up there now, but for those of you who check the blog regularly, i just wanted to nudge you that-a-way. so, bookmark it! share it! spam your friends with it! and for goodness sakes, shop handmade. wishing you and yours a sweet and warm new year. xoxo danamarie

ps. this is a sweet new knitimal named "cereal" and she is unbelievably soft and unbelievably available, on...

greenstarstudio's etsy shop

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

merry mart at creative alliance!

holiday mart at centenniel high school!

sara & gunter hat and gunter

if you have a dog like this, you must also have a hat like this. here's sara wearing the custom gunter hat i made for her. and there's gunter. very nice.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the last of the 8th edition knitimals!

hello my hippity hoppity holiday shoppity friends! you may have noticed a snazy little badge up in the top left corner of my blog... the handmade pledge. i know you all know the value of buying (and selling) and supporting handmade, so i won't preach about it, but i will ask you, as you are finishing up the last of your holiday gift buying (or, if you're like me, um, not even thinking about it yet!), to keep the little guys in mind. handmade goods are made with love by people who are imbuing each item with love (you have to be making these things with love when you are bearly making a profit and running around like a crazy person trying to find organic wool stuffing... um, but i digress).

in a topsy turvy world where the big guys keep getting bigger and just keep getting richer, and yet, can't seem to "get it" that we don't want our kids chewing on lead based toys, or that we aren't thrilled about washing our hair with shampoo that blinded a bunny, or that we don't REALLY want to eat cookies (no matter how tasty) that may or may not have been made in a factory that may or may not have contained nuts... handmade equals "a real person", with whom you can communicate and custom order. handmade puts the consumer in charge and casts a vote for the little guy.

in this case, handmade casts a vote for the little wool knit guy.

that said, i am taking a very very very limited number of custom holiday orders so if you need something for someone, or if you remember a product from a show and want to know if i still have it, send me an email. Otherwise, there are only a handful of Knitimals remaining from the 8th edition (2006-07), and they'd like a new home.
the last available 8th edition knitimals™!

i'll complete the adoptions on a first come first serve basis, so speak up soon!
happy handmade holidays!
xoxo, danamarie

Sunday, December 2, 2007

small stuff at Bear & Bird!

the small stuff show is up at Bear+Bird in florida (for you floridians). all the work in the show is 8x10 and smaller, and meant to be paid for and left with on the spot. a great idea for quick holiday shopping, no? there's tons of work... i submitted 5 drawings, at least one of which has already sold. if you're in the area, or want to shop online, please do! (my drawings are in the bottom right corner of the 2nd picture)
Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery
inside/upstairs at
TATE'S Comics+Toys+Videos+More
4566 N. University Drive
Lauderhill, Florida 33351
Phone: 954-748-0181

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bazaart at the visionary!

yay! another wonderfully successful Bazaart is behind us. (the "yay" refers to the fact that Bazaart exists and exists with me, not that it is behind us... its "over-ness" is actually super sad). I love bazaart for a number of reasons: 1.) you can set up all week long. 2.) you can come back the next day to break down. 3.) this year there was a preview night, wherein people paid money to come in and get first dibs, to drink and to buy stuff, 4.) everyone that comes to Bazaart is SO flippin cool. 5.) the knitimals are totally welcome and understood and appreciated, 5.) no one calls them "monsters" or says: "these are like the ugly dolls!" (not that there is anything wrong with ugly dolls... its just that, well, they're not like the ugly dolls at all), 6.) i always make great new friends here, 6.) they give us donuts and coffee, 7.) there's fun music, 8.) doesnt feel a thing like work, 9.) great lighting, 10.) clean floors!, 11.) blue felt to decorate instead of formal name tags, 12.) i wait all year for it.

i will happily drive 10 hours from portland to do this show in the future. thanks for inviting me, bazaart people!

ok. so these are pictures of my booth (enjoy it, because it might well be my last "booth" per se, for a while... the next two shows are table top only or 6x8 spaces marked by tape). i had a ton of fun getting set up... i've never had a corner booth before, so that was a fun challenge. i'm so glad i left the left side wall open. it took a little last minute ingenuity, but it was worth it. i loved the set up and how bright and cheery everything was. it's always my goal to envision my booth as a little store. i SO want a little (well, not so little) store, and for now, this is as close as i get.

the new work--- the ornaments (both knit and illustrated), the soap, the hats, the new zines... all the new stuff got such fabulous responses... the air in the booth was like cotton candy, only gas. wait. that was weird. i just meant that it smelled and felt good in there! please don't walk away... i didn't mean to use the "g" word.

that said, please come out to my last TWO shows of 2007! this coming saturday, Dec. 1 at Centenniel High School in Ellicott City, MD and then my birthday (yay) Sunday, Dec. 2 at the Creative Alliance in baltimore. If you didn't get me a gift, its ok. just buy something and i'll use the money to get myself something shiny. (or more likely, to get myself more yarn, so i can make something else for you).

after the shows, i will update the website with any little guys still looking for homes... and i will, knock wood, hopefully find the time to open my etsy shop, so you can shop with ease between now and whenever the next show is.
till then...xoxo danamarie

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving!

just a quick note from the road... happy thanksgiving every body! i spent the weeks leading up to our 12 hour drive knitting, packing, sewing, painting, stapling, glueing, baking, molding, matting, taping, wrapping, typing, organizing, and preparing for the upcoming shows. we'll get back in town just hours before set-up time for Bazaart. i'll be working off a highway buzz (driving in the dark, gas station coffee and a lot of candy), so expect a beautiful display and LOTS of new work for your enjoyment. so... enjoy! xoxo danamarie

Monday, November 19, 2007

ringo and holly

sweet little ringo, with his dangly long legs, went to live in minnesota with holly earlier this week. holly makes sweet little plush things which you can check out on her flickr page
ringo and friends on flickr
, or on her etsy site:
, should you get tired of knit things or just want to add a little something different to your collection. i only know her in cyber space, but i feel confident saying she is quite sweet herself. xo danamarie, and yes, i'm sure ringo has "the accent" now, eh.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

meet them in person!

i forgot to mention that if you want to meet the now famous Dr. Benedict (and his friend "its an honor to be nominated" Sebastiana) or, i dare say, TAKE THEM HOME WITH YOU... they will be re-emerging at Bazaart next next weekend. yes, next next. that's how i do things. xoxo danamarie

three cheers for TONSILITIS!!!

no... not the illness (though i am MORE familiar with it than i'd like to be... and it HAS gotten me out of work a number of times), no this time we're cheering for Dr. Benedict, the knitimal who took home first prize in the "Worst Gift I ever Got" category in the 2007 Softie Awards (yay!). he's thrilled and celebrating by laying low. the entries were all SO great and the winners? oh my gosh... i need to sell more knitimals so i can buy some of THEIR work! check out all the action here:
2007 Holiday Softie Awards

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

VOTE FOR ME!!!! the Holiday Softie Awards!

what a great day... i just found out i have been selected as a finalist in TWO categories in the Holiday Softie Awards!
the softies are an international plush competition, with thousands of entries, so to be one of 40 or so finalists is pretty awesome. i was a finalist in two categories, earlier in the year, during the "regular" Softie Awards. now all we need is a win!
to win, i need votes. for votes, i need you!

do you have a computer? more than one? USE THEM!!! below is the link to the voting site; please pass this along to your friends and co-workers. it only takes a minute to do. these are my two entries: sebastiana & tonsilitis... get to know their sweet little faces.

Sebastiana is the finalist in the "Animals dressed for the holidays" category
Tonsilitis is the finalist in the "Worst Gift I ever got" category (true story)
When you go to vote, those are categories 2 & 8... and be careful when you're clicking... the names aren't on the ballot in the same order as the images are posted, so make sure you double check the name you're clicking next to.

Thank you so much!


Friday, November 2, 2007

holiday softie award entries!

hey! remember the softie awards? last march a whole bunch of you voted for me and the knitimals (who were finalists in 2 categories); well, the minds behind the softie awards (an international plush competition that showcases softies, dolls and plush sculpture from all over the globe) have introduced the "holiday softie awards" . entries were due earlier in the week, and finalists, who will be chosen by judges before the world gets a chance to vote on the winners, should be announced sometime next week. here are a few of my submissions... if we make it through, i'll let you know about voting. in the meantime... if you're interested in purchasing any of these brand new (i've never made holiday themed knitimals before!) knitimals, just let me know.
*red bear boy (linus) (approx. 16" tall): $150
*red (beanie) & green (dulaine) knitimals with stars (approx. 16" tall): $130 each
*in quite tolerable snowman (approx. 8" tall): $75
*gift (approx. 10" tall): $40


Monday, October 29, 2007

the art of the martini!

meet "martin & olive"... my submission to the zaruba & zaruba 6th annual art of the martini. if you want to purchase it, contact the gallery. for more info on this exhibition, read on!

*art of the martini: when I participated in the gallery walk in frederick, back in september, I was approached by a very kind amy conner and asked to be one of 40ish artists from across the world, to decorate, design or reinterpret a stainless steel martini glass. I said yes... and then immediately started panicking. a martini glass? well, it was certainly an adventure, but I am THRILLED with the results. Check out my blog for pictures of the finished piece: "martin & olive". for more info on the show, here it is, in their words:
"Zaruba & Zaruba is proud to announce the celebration of the 6th Annual Art of the Martini. This unique art show is a celebration in interpretation and individuality, beginning with the concept of the iconic "Martini". Last year's event was sponsored by ABsolut Vodka and raised funds to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A catalog of the show, produced by Zaruba & Zaruba, will be available. Artists are chosen by Master Goldsmith, Andrew Zaruba. Consideration is given only to those who are innovative in their concepts and show excellence in their craft and execution." the show opens december 1st and runs through the 23rd...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Seattle: tourist pt. 3

*the public market at pike place*

*the experience music project: building by frank geary, who loves bendy metal and bright colors*

*dick's: its like seattle's "in-n-out burger" (burgers are good but fall just below i-n-o... the fries however flew well above), the food is cheap but ketchup isn't free (nor mustard... mayo is though, which is, um... weird).

*fish, waiting to be thrown... and no, we didn't see any get thrown. we're thinking it might be a folk lore sort of thing (i'm hoping to be proven wrong)*

Saturday, October 13, 2007

PLUSH YOU 2007!: opening

YAY! the day has come... tonight was the opening of the Plush You 2007 show and between all my wanderings from store to store i was able to glean that yes, this is in fact, a popular show.... as the pictures of lots of people will indicate. i was barely able to squeeze into Fancy to talk to anyone who might be looking at the Knitimals. I did meet a few of the other artists in the show and i have to say i was pretty pleased to be in such company; there were some really amazing dolls in the show. *I am happy to report that the pieces i wanted to buy WERE available still (ok, i missed out on a few, but i'm going to arrange commissions instead). i'll post pictures of the ones i bought too*. so, when travis and i got there we were approached by the queen of green pea land (also known as erin of mustardworkstudio) and her friend little roy (pictured above). yeah, these are my people. i'd been feeling sorta... peer-groupless; not anymore! so maybe i don't have to live near my peer group. i know they are out there doing their thing and that makes me happy. the people who came out (and really everyone we've met in seattle) were so pleasant and easy to talk to, really down to earth and refreshingly positive. i also have to say how COMPLETELY REFRESHING it was to see so much originality and honesty in plush art making. wow. i felt invigorated. i get so tired of being "stuck" in a small world of 'been-there-done-thats', these dolls that seem to repeat the same things and to see so many people come out to support so much individuality and genuine thought was, well, just what i needed. i am excited to continue e-dialog with some of my new international and domestic plush friends. i'm sleepy now. and there is a lot of seattle to explore. thank you kristen, for the opportunity to be in this show. thank you sally, for hosting the knitimals. xoxo danamarie

PLUSH YOU 2007: the party hits the streets

there were times when the stores were so crowded, the plush loving masses were squeezed out onto 2nd avenue to enjoy each others' company out of doors. let's see what's going on inside, shall we?

Friday, October 12, 2007

my new friends: dolls i bought

i'm an artist, but i am also an avid art collector. and as such, i have collected these new friends from the plush you exhibition (yay!). the owl on top is by kwoozy from australia; the anteater is by tapetentiere from switzerland, and the one eye owl is from the netherlands. aren't they cute!? i love them so and can't wait for them to come home ( i have to wait til the show comes down for my new friends to come home). xo