Thursday, December 27, 2007

the birth of Etsy

well boys and girls... the day has come. i am the proud owner of an ETSY shop! yay! now, i am still away for the holidays (and by the way, happy happy holidays to all of you). for those of you who haven't been exposed to it yet, etsy is an online marketplace for handmade goods from all over the world. its amazing. you could, and i say this to prepare, not frighten you, spend literally every waking moment on this site. people have been telling me for ages that i should be a member of this community and i kept putting it off for one reason or another, but as my business grows i realize i need a more direct outlet to offer online sales, and thus--- the etsy shop. i'm pleased with the way it looks and functions thus far... i'm sure i'll be tweaking it every now and again, and sources in the know say that the best move (business wise) is to fill the shop slowly (each time you post a new item your shop moves to the top of a very long "what's new on etsy" sort of list... listing often keeps you fresh), so be patient with me as i get the hang of the routine. over the next couple weeks i will be adding a little of everything--- illustrations, cards, excerpts, greenstarstuff etc.

now, don't all jump up from your figgy pudding and rush off to the computer just yet; i recognize that most of you are probably still enjoying the hibernation period that is mid december through early january, and believe me, i am too. i am just really excited that my shop is up and running and that it only took me, oh, all day to figure out. there's not much up there now, but for those of you who check the blog regularly, i just wanted to nudge you that-a-way. so, bookmark it! share it! spam your friends with it! and for goodness sakes, shop handmade. wishing you and yours a sweet and warm new year. xoxo danamarie

ps. this is a sweet new knitimal named "cereal" and she is unbelievably soft and unbelievably available, on...

greenstarstudio's etsy shop

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