Friday, September 21, 2007


here's a wonderful friday post from my good friend carrie... nothing says 5 o'clock on a friday like a couple of knit friends cheering you across the workday finish line.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

504 sq feet of brick completely covered in paint!

here it is! finished! wow. this is the largest single mural i have ever painted and i couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. i love it. i don't however, love the fact that i can't turn my head to the left at all. at all.

the final panel was: "senior services" and there they are... seniors... being "serviced". ok, so i'll admit that this one is a little more vague in narrative, but they have a cat and i think they look happy & healthy and really, isn't that what matters? i love its purple-y-ness. this is also the panel that gets my full signature and imagine my glee when mid name i turn to see katie, isadora and sweetie estelle... at THEEEEE MOMENT! such a cheering section.

so yes, this is the last of the health department mural posts. i will go by today and seal the paintings with a milky, gluey, coating that supposedly resists (or at least makes it easier to clean) graffiti and other ick.

then, tomorrow evening, after work, the long awaited... massage! i've opted for deep tissue and i doubt i will regret it.

switching gears a little... now that mural time is behind us for a while, i will be re-focusing my attention on knitting, and collaging. i have a few new ideas too, so those of you who come out to Bazaart at the American Visionary Art Museum will not be disappointed. til next time! xoxo danamarie

Monday, September 17, 2007

immunization... on brick: panel #1

well, i'll say it now, and knock wood... i think, THINK, i only have one day of work remaining. downside: i'll miss this piece. i've enjoyed watching it come to fruition. upside: i get my IN studio mondays and tuesdays back (and really, i just want to sleep in... just one day), i get the backseat and trunk of my car back (and i've promised edison a full service interior and exterior professional grooming session for him soon) & most important, hopefull, with the aid of a massage and a visit to the chiropractor, i'll get full use of my spine and muscles back. nevertheless, here are the updates for today. panel #1 (called that because of its location, not chronology), is complete. it's "immunization" (though i've added a few of my own "healthy ideas" in the posters behind the nurse). i like the baby with the pacifier (or "par" as its known and spoken in my daily child care life). once this one was done, i scooted myself all the way down to panel #6 (the polar opposite of #1), where the sidewalk is lower and the mural is up higher and you need a ladder for EVERYTHING! oh dear. my aching shoulders. i could only bear a couple hours on this one before my muscles seized up... BUT, i did manage to paint in all but one of the faces, and those are usually the most time consuming. score one for me. and then, of course, the long shot... look at them all together (well, #1 & 2 are cut out). here's to a good night's rest, an early start and a successful finish! extra special thanks go out to dunkin donuts and the genius behind coconut ice coffee.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

from start to finish! one panel's journey

i thought it might be fun to share with you a little of the process of mural painting (well, at least MY process!). this particular panel is one of my favorites. it's supposed to show the health department's service: "emergency preparedness". so, in the first picture you see the painted background and the sketch. i actually painted the backrground of THREE panels and then did all the sketches one day last week. i find that toward the end its easier on me if i break the tasks down some. the sketching, you'll be interested to know, is actually done in paint, not pencil... again, with something of this size, i prefer to skip the middle man! then you can see the first step, or part of the first steps of the painting. its an undercoat of sorts; i've found that painting on brick is a lot more fun if i can fill in more of the spaces in the bricks before i try to go for detail. so, i paint in big blocks of color to build a foundation, so to speak. and then, the final image... i LOVE the dad's face. look at his beaming cuteness. oh he's so good.

there's probably one 2 more work days left on this puppy, so i'll keep you posted for sure!
xoxo danamarie