Friday, December 10, 2010

i'm back! with a baby! and a SALE!

As I was waiting for the window to open so I could sign into the blog to write this post, I thought "wow... its been SUCH a long time since I was here". Then the window opened and I saw the last post I wrote was on October 10th, and I was talking about having a baby in 3 weeks.

I was wrong.

Little did I know I'd have a baby in 8 days.

Hence, my friends, my long absence.

And while SO much has happened since I last wrote (shows, freelance gigs, tons of press...) the birth of my son, Emerson, is by far the most awesome, the most gratifying, the most newsworthy, and the most exhausting. The computer doesn't see much of me anymore. But my baby is almost 8 weeks old already and getting big fast (weep). In fact, if you've come to any of the holiday shows I've done this season, you likely met him... or at least saw him sleeping (he was SUCH a good boy... i think mama's got a good little helper here!).

And as I write this, I am also multi-tasking... rocking him with one arm and typing with the other. And he's totally on to me, so I can't stay long, but I did want to use this opportunity to tell you a couple quick things...

1.) If you live in the Baltimore area, please come out to the MICA Art Market tomorrow! Saturday is the last day, and its an amazing collection of work. I have dolls, cards, coasters, cozies and more for sale in the Illustration department's section. And sales help to raise money for scholarships.

2.) if you are still looking for good stuff for the holidays or need stocking stuffers (and even some larger goodies for BIG stockings), I've just added a bunch of inventory to my shop (and will be throwing the rest of my inventory in there once all the shows are done & retail shops have been restocked). There's tons of new stuff-- hair clips, earrings, cards, pin cushions and more.

3.) Thank you all SO much for your continued amazing support of me & my work. Its not easy being a full time mama & full time maker, but you make it worth while!

and last... as a special thank you, enjoy 10% off all orders with the coupon code: MERRY10

I'm leaving the shopopen through the holidays, so get in there and grab yourself something nice!

see you in the new year!
xoxo, danamarie