Saturday, October 13, 2007

PLUSH YOU 2007!: opening

YAY! the day has come... tonight was the opening of the Plush You 2007 show and between all my wanderings from store to store i was able to glean that yes, this is in fact, a popular show.... as the pictures of lots of people will indicate. i was barely able to squeeze into Fancy to talk to anyone who might be looking at the Knitimals. I did meet a few of the other artists in the show and i have to say i was pretty pleased to be in such company; there were some really amazing dolls in the show. *I am happy to report that the pieces i wanted to buy WERE available still (ok, i missed out on a few, but i'm going to arrange commissions instead). i'll post pictures of the ones i bought too*. so, when travis and i got there we were approached by the queen of green pea land (also known as erin of mustardworkstudio) and her friend little roy (pictured above). yeah, these are my people. i'd been feeling sorta... peer-groupless; not anymore! so maybe i don't have to live near my peer group. i know they are out there doing their thing and that makes me happy. the people who came out (and really everyone we've met in seattle) were so pleasant and easy to talk to, really down to earth and refreshingly positive. i also have to say how COMPLETELY REFRESHING it was to see so much originality and honesty in plush art making. wow. i felt invigorated. i get so tired of being "stuck" in a small world of 'been-there-done-thats', these dolls that seem to repeat the same things and to see so many people come out to support so much individuality and genuine thought was, well, just what i needed. i am excited to continue e-dialog with some of my new international and domestic plush friends. i'm sleepy now. and there is a lot of seattle to explore. thank you kristen, for the opportunity to be in this show. thank you sally, for hosting the knitimals. xoxo danamarie

PLUSH YOU 2007: the party hits the streets

there were times when the stores were so crowded, the plush loving masses were squeezed out onto 2nd avenue to enjoy each others' company out of doors. let's see what's going on inside, shall we?

Friday, October 12, 2007

my new friends: dolls i bought

i'm an artist, but i am also an avid art collector. and as such, i have collected these new friends from the plush you exhibition (yay!). the owl on top is by kwoozy from australia; the anteater is by tapetentiere from switzerland, and the one eye owl is from the netherlands. aren't they cute!? i love them so and can't wait for them to come home ( i have to wait til the show comes down for my new friends to come home). xo

PLUSH YOU 2007: the stores!

so, plush you is being housed by three different super sweet little stores on 2nd avenue: Fancy, Nancy & Schmancy. Here's what they look like (cute, no?) and here's a super sneak peek at some of the 100+ plush goodnesses in the show.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

PLUSH YOU 2007: baisy, bonnee & zeen

***************************well, i'm in seattle, and so are the knitimals. i stopped by today, ever so briefly, to check in with the kids. the opening isn't until tomorrow, but i wanted to make sure they were ok. they are. they're in good company... over 100 artists from all over the world! here are baisy, bonnee & zeen hanging out in Fancy, just waiting to be adopted by someone with really good taste. the kids will be insitu for a month... so, if you want one of them, stop in to Fancy, OR, give them a call (if you live far away). alright, i have to go get used to the 3 hour time difference and save up my pep for the opening tomorrow. i have my eye on a few additions to my personal collection too, so i have to go plan my expenditures. xoxo d.

seattle: tourist pt. 2

*space needle during the day*

*some of the shiniest, brightest, most unreal fruits and vegetables i have every seen*

*lovely view of the pacific as seen from the back side of the public market*

*space needle at night*

*a happy little weather vane with a starfish... just for me*

seattle: tourist pt. 1

*metal tree in the seattle art museum sculpture garden*

*a very large dock type empty pier thing downtown: the city is every bit as grey as they say it is*

*pier 70: formerly the seattle real world house. remember when stephen slapped irene? it was awesome*

*rachael the pig: pike place public market*

*the back of the public market sign: you feel a little less touristy behind it*

so far i've learned...

as a first time visitor to seattle, i've been trying to keep my camera at the ready, so i can capture the important things at a moment's notice. so far i've learned that seattle has:
*serious rock star literacy

*fantastically obscure public art

*giant seagulls

*an artsy aquarium

*invisible camouflage birds

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

plush you!

well, it's almost time... Plush You! at Schmancy starts on Friday October 12th from 5PM to 9PM. It's going to be a great show with over 100 international plush artists in attendance. The show will be taking place at Schmancy and then move to Nancy and Fancy + Pants. The Knitimals will be on display at Fancy. My brother and I are making the cross country journey and i, for one, and looking forward to seeing all those bright smiling wool faces on what will no doubt be a grey and chilly day. if you live in seattle, please stop by! the show will be up for a month too... so if you WANT to live in seattle, this would be a good reason to expedite the move. for more info, go to:
plush you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

a little alchemy

i'm happy to announce that the Knitimals have arrived (and been so well received) in silver spring, maryland! that's right all you silver springians, you can now buy knitimals at silver spring's award winning art spot,
, which, if you've never visited, is the sweetest little shop, with just about the nicest woman you'll ever meet, at the helm. brenda smoak herself has the spirit of a knitimal, so i know they'll be right at home there. visit Alchemy wednesday through sunday: 8025 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910, or call (to chat with Brenda... WHICH, i imagine would be just as lovely over the phone, at:) 301-565-2262