Saturday, May 24, 2008

Procrastination 101

... When you have 3 weekends of back to back shows to get ready for, why not watch "Indiana Jones and the raiders of the lost ark" (first time I've seen it) and tie-dye some tshirts instead?
While craft store shopping today (for last minute items and loose ends... Fabric paint, poly fil, magnets etc), I found a tie dye kit and decided AJ and I needed to make tshirts tonight.
Would I recommend this? Yes. Eat a burrito, watch Indy, put on a jazz remix compilation and dye your heart out. That's what I did. Xo, danamarie
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good to go!

Wow! Thanks for all the emails today... You guys are really nice. Yes, I'm doing just fine. When I got to the doctor they found I had 6 baby teeth that were being stubborn (like puppy, liky teeth, I suppose) and we're crowding my big boy teeth, so Dr. Lee took them out while I was asleep too. I'm a *little* nervous about going to sleep tonight (what else might get taken?) but I'm happy to be home and in mommy's lap. Xo, mason
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Big day!

Hello 2-legged friends! I'm getting (gulp) nuetered today... I'm not nervous though; I'm almost 6 months old! I know it's the right thing to do and I'm very brave. And I'm very grown up; I graduated puppy kindergarten last night (ask me to sit, i'll do it!). I'll be at the doctor's office all day today so please think happy thoughts (and help my mom not to worry about me much... She has a lot of shows to get ready for... But i'll let her tell you all about those another day) xo, mason
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Monday, May 19, 2008

i can teach you to draw

like this? sure. why not... but baby steps, first ok? if you've always wanted to learn how to draw (but were afraid to start or didn't know where to begin) OR if you've been drawing but feel a little rusty, why not sign up for a Beginning & Continuing Drawing class? And heck, if you're gonna do that, why not let me be the one to teach you!?

I'm going to be teaching 2 sessions of drawing courses at School 33, from June 17 to July 15 and from july 22 to august 12th. classes will be held on tuesday evenings (partay!) from 6:30 to 8:30pm (so you can unwind after work!).

check out the education page for more info and to register.

hope to see you in class!
xoxo, danamarie