Thursday, August 5, 2010

shop update! and a special giveaway....

First things first...

I've just started getting the shop updated again (takes a while to get back in the swing of things like this, you know? the photographing, the sitting at the computer and writing witty descriptions... most of the time, i'd rather be MAKING than advertising, but selling can't happen if people don't know what you're making, right?). So, as of tonight, there's some lovely new stuff in the shop, and I will be adding to it, as time permits, every day.

Curious what's there now?

In other news, as the baby countdown moves us closer and closer to deadline, I'm looking around and thinking "Man, there's a lot of stuff here, still". See, as I said before, I have a tendency to make and make and make, but a hard time with the selling. I'm not sure what the holiday season will hold for me, show-wise... I mean, I'll have a very, very wee person at that point, and might not be able to DO any shows. And if that's the case, with the exception of the Buyer's Market show at the end of the month, your only chance of getting anything from me, is gonna be online. And boy howdy, do I have products to move.

SO, I need an inventory reduction.

I'm also only 3 sales away from 400 (on etsy). So, the next 3 orders are in for a treat. Not only will your order ship with a few lovely little freebies, but ONE of your lucky folks will also win a FREE Folkie. Yep. Imagine how fun it'll be to open your package and discover a Folkie in addition to what you ordered!?!?! I KNOW!!!!

If you're interested (and how could you not be) just do some shopping and mention "SWEET400" in your message to seller at checkout. I'll do the rest.


Monday, August 2, 2010

fyi, I'm "ReCreative"

got a lovely little shout out today...
thanks Urbanite!