Saturday, October 13, 2007

PLUSH YOU 2007!: opening

YAY! the day has come... tonight was the opening of the Plush You 2007 show and between all my wanderings from store to store i was able to glean that yes, this is in fact, a popular show.... as the pictures of lots of people will indicate. i was barely able to squeeze into Fancy to talk to anyone who might be looking at the Knitimals. I did meet a few of the other artists in the show and i have to say i was pretty pleased to be in such company; there were some really amazing dolls in the show. *I am happy to report that the pieces i wanted to buy WERE available still (ok, i missed out on a few, but i'm going to arrange commissions instead). i'll post pictures of the ones i bought too*. so, when travis and i got there we were approached by the queen of green pea land (also known as erin of mustardworkstudio) and her friend little roy (pictured above). yeah, these are my people. i'd been feeling sorta... peer-groupless; not anymore! so maybe i don't have to live near my peer group. i know they are out there doing their thing and that makes me happy. the people who came out (and really everyone we've met in seattle) were so pleasant and easy to talk to, really down to earth and refreshingly positive. i also have to say how COMPLETELY REFRESHING it was to see so much originality and honesty in plush art making. wow. i felt invigorated. i get so tired of being "stuck" in a small world of 'been-there-done-thats', these dolls that seem to repeat the same things and to see so many people come out to support so much individuality and genuine thought was, well, just what i needed. i am excited to continue e-dialog with some of my new international and domestic plush friends. i'm sleepy now. and there is a lot of seattle to explore. thank you kristen, for the opportunity to be in this show. thank you sally, for hosting the knitimals. xoxo danamarie


Schmancy said...

These are some awesome pictures of the show. Nice blog posts too. I couldn't agree with you more and glad that this show possibly fueled your fire to do more and more. You knitted guys are amazing. I really love them. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Seattle! xoxo kristen

greenstarstudio said...

aw thanks! it was SO nice to meet you too. thanks for putting this all together (i'm already looking forward to next year!). and i DO feel fueled... i just need to find the time to use all that fuel; between all the exhibtions, festivals, shows and restocking retail i'll be doing before the holidays, its not fuel i need now, its HOURS! but this is good busy, right?
seattle was great, the show was great; we tourist-ed it up and loved every minute of it; and my brother had a great birthday, so that's good too. i'm glad the knitimals found a safe and happy place to crash for a while (beware though, they tend to settle in and make themselves comfy. they didn't look like they had any intention of coming back to baltimore!). keep in touch! xoxo dana