Friday, August 13, 2010


Happy Friday the 13th!
Around here, we're celebrating with some scary movies AND a FRIGHTENINGLY awesome sale!

Starting at 5pm today, you can shop till you drop (so to speak) and enjoy some SCARY bargains too.

I've spent all week re-stocking the shop and with only 1.5 more months of production before I'll be going on maternity leave, I'm offering my good friends & readers the opportunity to scoop up some goodies before they are gone for good (or at least for a few months). Now's a GREAT time to do some pre-holiday shopping too (goodness knows, with our little November baby, I'm taking care of all that shopping NOW myself).

So, what's this sale all about?

"FreeKend"... that one little word will get you a lot.

Well, for starters-- FREE SHIPPING on all orders (i'll refund the shipping cost after you complete payment).

And, for all orders over $25, you'll get a free Knitimal Wallet (perfect for Back to School-- to carry library cards, ID cards or bus passes. And perfect for you grown ups too-- a great way to tote your ID, credit cards and other essentials when you're out on the town).

All orders over $40, get a free wallet AND a free coloring book.

All orders over $60 ship with the wallet, a coloring book AND a gift certificate worth $15 for a future purchase.

All orders over $100 get all that great stuff... plus some surprises.

Not too shabby, huh?

AND, for every purchase this weekend, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a FREE FOLKIE! Can you imagine?!
Feel free to pass this along... the more the merrier!

Remember to use the code "FreeKend" in your message to seller at checkout, to qualify for all the goodness!

The sale ends Sunday, August 15th at Midnight EST, so don't wait too long!
Happy Friday, folks.
xo, danamarie

Monday, August 9, 2010

Congrats AND a new chance to win!

Well, friends, I hit 400 sales (with your help!), and as promised, one lucky shopper did, in fact, win herself a Folkie. Big congrats to Stephanie (whose name was pulled blindly from a stack of invoices).

Winning is fun, no?

So fun, in fact, that we're gonna do it again!
Every order this week (Monday though Monday) will be in the running (to become America's Next Top Model... ok, no, that's not it) to win another Folkie! All you have to do is shop & include the code "FolkieLove" in the message to seller at checkout.

In other exciting news: I'm restocking like mad, and there are a whole bunch of new and wonderful items just waiting for love in the shop-- new Knitimals, new Folkies, toothfairy pillows, business card holders, keychains, cards and more. Whattya waiting for?

go check it out!