Thursday, July 24, 2008

congratulations AND surprise!!!

first things first--- a huge congratulations to Delores Rubin! She's the lucky lady who's name came out of the hat (actually, i used a tupperware bowl, but it still counts) and won herself a $40 shopping spree in my Etsy shop (delores--- email me for info on HOW to use your gift!).

and then there's the surprise...

remember my random acts of NICE initiative? well... it's BACK!
how so?
well, i'm extending a little somethin'-somethin' to the other lovely folks who posted comments and which got them in the running... and not JUST to the folks who commented on the "wanna save some $$$" post, but to EVERYONE who's posted this month!!! now i know you know who you are, but in case you don't, the list is:
*julie c.* natalie* liz b.* jasmine * moira* jessica brown * divina lucas * robin robin * leeana butcher * kel * sarah (small fox)* pret a voyager* stacey (three red trees)* & *caitlin*

what kind of somethin'-somethin'?
how about $5 off for every $15 you spend? ($5 off $15, $10 off $30, $15 off $45 etc) yep.
send me an email you special guys, you, and i'll give you the code to use in the shop.

nice things DO happen!!
have a great night out there.
xo, danamarie

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

artscape orphans

its true.
artscape nearly wiped me out.
actually--- if i hadn't sewn at blister causing pace on Friday & Saturday night, i would only have 4 Knitimals left. Lucky for you, i have a few more than that to offer!

(l-r) Baisy $200--14" ear to toe; Wilbur $90--12" ear to toe; Lawton $70--10.5" tall

and a picture with the flash (this is why taking pictures at night is so lame)

(l-r) Campbell $160--14" ear to toe; Pickoos $88--11" ear to toe; Daryl $120-- 17.5" ear to toe; nayte $56--12" tall

and again, with flash

(l-r) beeel $45--6.5" tall; windo $48-- 9"; x.o. exoh $48--6.5" tall (and i should say this about x.o exoh, since the flash burned it out, he's knit with a different stitch around his eyes, so even though he's all red, his eyes, the sewn on "pupil" parts are actually in the middle of larger (about an inch and a half diameter) raised stockinette stitch circles. i think that's cool, since i don't do that often).

there you have it!
you guys get first dibs (AND a 10% discount!!!) before i list them on etsy. if you want to take any of them home, send me an email and i'll send you an invoice.

for anyone looking for non-knitimal goodies--- please stop by my etsy shop (there are also a few knitimals looking for homes there); i will be updating the shop next week... when i recover from what the other BEST girls and i have taken to calling the "artscape hangover". this week i'm at summer camp with 3rd graders... and possibly the flu.
xo, danamarie

Monday, July 21, 2008

artscape: recovery recap

i have to take a second (and really, despite all my plans to make some giant, beautiful artscape post, i just can't muster it. i feel SO sick... hoping to goodness that its not the flu, but fearing it might be, so it will just be a second) to thank all the wonderful people who braved the icky, sticky, nasty 100 degrees of humid grossness this weekend to come by--- i met almost 200 new people, who all took home home greenstargoodies and i think that's just plain great.

it was SO hot this weekend... and getting up at 4am to be on site for our tv spot by 5:30, meant only one thing--- the breakfast of champions (if there were no other reasons to move to new england, it would be dunkin donuts. i love them with almost all my heart)

it took me 2 sticky, sweaty hours JUST to hang my banners. this is my frustrated face.

but eventually, i DID manage to get it all set up and i couldn't have been happier with the result (look at the new banner in action!).

i was told over and over again what a happy, unexpected & cheerful booth i had. the word cute (for those of you who were counting... and i know at least one girl was (sorry i didn't catch your name, but you know who you are!) was thrown around a total of 98 more times, after you first pointed it out to me... i DID keep track for you like i said i would!) and all but a handful of knitimals were snatched up and taken to their new homes. among the other hot new items--- t-shirts sold like hotcakes (a phrase i've never understood--- how bout this "t-shirts sold like Knitimals!"), it looks like every household in baltimore will be using Knitimal Soap in the coming months and there are a lot of happy babies and kids out there with very cool new decor for their rooms. (Speaking of which--- special thanks to Danna & Kira for bringing baby NATE to meet me. Oh my is he ever a handsome devil! If anyone wants to see the mural i painted for a then-not-yet-born-baby nate, you can do that here)

i'd also like to thank Christy for including me in her favorite things.

and now that it's done, i'm going to take a week "off" from blogging and such, but welcome you to peruse the etsy shop and enjoy a 10% discount if you use the code: ARTSCAPE10, in the message to seller box--- i will refund the 10% after you've checked out and paid--- valid through August 1st.

AND, let's not forget this:

***want to be entered into a drawing to win a $40 shopping spree in my etsy shop? visit my blog & post a comment on the "wanna save $$$" post, and you'll be in the running. the winner will be drawn on & announced on July 24th, and announced via email & in my shop header. And yes, please feel free to forward this along to anyone who might want to be considered, or who might want to enjoy "virtual artscape" on etsy*** you have one more day to post a comment to enter the drawing! good luck!

xo, danamarie

Sunday, July 20, 2008

2nd best artscape quote

Overheard on the street, not related to me or my work:

Angry lady: I love my sister, but I'm not spending 75 bucks on a bug!

To the person selling 75 dollar bugs, you're the best.
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This is yota. He was just "born" here at artscape, and named by Marley' who adopted Patter (thanks marley!). Come and gettem!
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And then there were 4...

It's the last day of artscape, folks! It is hot out here. Everyone is dripping with sweat though so it's totally acceptable to be yucky in public. If you haven't been here yet, or haven't made it as far up Mt. Royal ave, as my booth yet, run, don't walk! There are only 4 small soaps left, a few prints, about a dozen knitimals and well, its gonna take a while to restock, SO print that coupon, grab a big ol water bottle and head on down. We'll be here from 12 to 8pm. See you soon! Xo, danamarie
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