Thursday, January 22, 2009

special sale for blog friends!

what if you couldn't buy handmade things for yourself or your children with the ease that you currently can? as many of you know CPSIA is threatening to wipe out tens of thousands of independent makers of children's goods (people like me!) and while we are all signing petitions and making our concerns known, it's still important to spread the news to as many people as we can and get as many signatures and voices as possible. The idea is a good one--- protect our kids from lead and other bad stuff... but the bad stuff isn't coming from the small business owners... the people who STARTED their businesses in an attempt to offer alternatives to buying toys and goods of unknown origin from nameless, faceless factories and businesses overseas.

personally, i think the odds are very good that this grassroots effort will meet a positive response and that the law will be amended favorably. BUT, now isn't the time to be lazy about things, right?

so, i'd like to extend a special offer in the hopes that you'll make your voice heard and be rewarded with a little treat!
Visit the Handmade Toy Alliance website and sign petition, then comment here and i'll send you a coupon code for etsy and receive--- ***40% any purchase over $30!!!*** or ***5% off any purchase under $30***

stimulate the economy.
celebrate the handmade.
stock up for valentine's day.
show those CPSC folks that YOUR money (read: THEIR money) is going to stay firmly in your pockets if it can't support local, small & handmade.

stick it to the man, and get something cute too!
xoxo, dana

(Ps--- be sure to include your email address or link to your blog in your comment, so i can contact you with your code!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Inauguration Day!

This was my favorite of the collected images...

Monday, January 19, 2009


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More hope...

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More messages of hope...

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Messages of hope...

In light of the wave of hope washing over the nation, I've taken a moment to appreciate the sentiments of young people-- people who know that our work didn't stop on November 4th.

Today, at the Walters, we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr's birthday with a family festival encouraging the masses to come in out of the cold, to create, learn and share as a community. Among the projects, we invited kids to stand at the podium and address the group with messages of hope and the future, as Dr. King had done, then draw postcards with messages of THEIR dreams.

The preceding were amongst my favorites.
Let yourself be inspired and remember-- our work is not done. We have a new leader, not a magician. Take time to volunteer at a school; to clean up a local park; to sign petitions and spread the word; to be the change you wish to see.
Much love!
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