Saturday, March 1, 2008


how many of you are into this whole ATC thing (Artists Trading Cards)? I am "into it" in my mind, but haven't had time to start making any yet. my good friend Riley (proud friend of many a Knitimal) makes 'em like crazy... there's even a club and trading and what not. here's a few of his best (his words)... look at that one top and center! not too shabby. :) xoxo danamarie

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

mason knits!

ok, he doesn't really, but he DOES make a good lap warmer while I'M knitting.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

and a mural is DONE...

two days! 14 hours! completion!
isn't it just so sweet?! (am i allowed to say that about my own work?)
i'm quite pleased with the final mural. particularly the crew alligators, the birdies on the wire and the sweet birds listening to the stories being shared from the family photo album.
i tried to include a lot of details for little Nate to explore as he grows up (that was always the kind of art i liked most... still do! the kind that keeps pulling you back in).

i like the color a lot too.

i tried a few new things with this mural and i think they worked out well. i usually measure and calculate and hand render everything from the sketch (which is always very polished) to the wall... but i invested in an overhead projector, which aside from just being fun to have (if not bulky and oversized) is very helpful to muraling! one thing i noticed is how much freer it made me, in terms of "painterly" painting--- not having to stay within pre-drawn lines (but rather using the projected image as a guide which i could turn on and off at will) and then being able to determine when to outline, if ever--- i think there's more depth in this piece because of it.

SO, you might think that i, having spent two days bent awkwardly, straining and stretching and crouching would be done with murals for a little while... well, no. i'm actually starting a new one at the walters art museum this coming monday. i wont tell you what of, but i will keep you posted. or maybe i wont and you'll have to bring your kids to the Family Art Center to find out. yes. i like that. that's what i'll do. xoxo, danamarie

weekly dose of cute

little man! are you kidding me, mason? you can not be that cute. it's too much. no one can take it.

i implore you... please take your cuteness down a notch or 4.

so, baby mason will be 3 months old on Saturday. he's going to the vet tonight for his next set of shots and i'm gonna guess that he's... 5 lbs now (he was 4.1 last time). he's gotten longer, but not taller. and yes, since you were clearly going to comment on it, yes, he is continuing to get cuter.
he's developed this very serious expression that i am currently finding very funny. i mean, you're pocket sized. why so serious?

Monday, February 25, 2008

and a mural is born...

it was off to the city of brotherly love this week for a little mural-ly love. these are some of my favorite things; opportunities to take a plain white wall and make it into something bright & (hopefully) inspiring. this particular piece? for a not- yet- born little man named Nate.

the wall is about 10 x 7 ft and the theme of the mural is family: here & there.... geography of the heart and the people and places that are important to family, no matter where they are. the focal point of the mural is a "family portrait" of the current "children" (3 cats and a dog named Annie, who befriended me and checked in on my progress throughout the day).

8 hours later, i have all (most of) the basic color blocks in place and am ready for day two: detail!