Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Etsy-Versary!

Yes folks, today marks my Etsy-versary... four years ago today, I set up shop online & I haven't looked back.

And to celebrate?

Well, I'm gonna give you stuff, of course!
All day long, use the coupon code: 4SCORE to get a whopping 40% off ANY ORDER!

In addition to that, stay tuned all day long for hourly(ish) specials, deals, and offers for free goodies.

*I'll be listing them here as they come up, but you can get up to the minute announcements if you follow me (greenstarstudio) on twitter too!

(please note, the sales/offers listed below expire when noted, thanks!)

*First order gets a free Minimal (expired)
*11am-12pm : orders come with a free Knitimal Wallet (expired)
*12pm- 2pm : orders ship with a free biz card case & block print pin (expired)
*2:45pm : OFFER VALID FOR THE FIRST BUYER to include "PORTRAIT" in their message to seller at check out:::: get a FREE CUSTOM Portrait OoAKie (I will paint an OoAKie in your likeness, or that of a friend/family member) for the first order over $50 (before discount). Note-- doll will be painted & shipped on *my* schedule (please allow at least a few months for delivery! thanks)


*4:30pm- 6pm: orders ship with TWO block print pins (keep both or share 'em) & a $10 gift certificate for future orders!