Sunday, November 15, 2009

the most awesome things ever...

you know what the BEST possible gift would be for a gal who loves plush (almost) as much as she loves her dog, whom she loves (almost) as much as she loves her husband, on their first wedding anniversary?

you dont?

i do. this....
that's us... as Plush.


this beautiful awesomeness is the work of my dear internet friend, Leeanna (only recently did she become my dear "in real life" friend too, when we were able to hang at PlushYou in Seattle). What seems like a million years ago, I started emailing with dear Leeanna (whose shop name is Plush Goodness... and boy is it ever); i honestly don't remember what precipitated the emails, or who did the writing first. What i DO remember is that right away i felt a kindred spirit thing going on on the other end of the wireless waves. I felt like I'd known her for years, and i really liked her work, to boot! Not too long after, Leeanna commissioned me to make a Knitimal version of their dog, Waffle (whose photo is below because i just love her to pieces and she's Mason's internet-girlfriend, and we're pretty sure Waffle is part wirehaired dachshund).

But i digress..
Anyway, I feel like it was somewhere around there that she told me she'd made a plush version of her husband and herself for her niece, and when i saw the pictures of them, i was totally sold (i was pretty sold before the pictures anyway). I asked Leeanna if she'd consider doing Plush-Catures (has her hubby coined them... oh, shout out to Ben; "hi ben!"... he's pretty cool himself) of AJ & i. She said yes. I did a back flip. I said, what about Mason? of course. Double back flip. For our anniversary? You got it. Triple Backflip.

Then came the waiting.
How would I wait for our anniversary to come around? I was excited enough already, plus the promise of awesome new plush? i didnt think i could make it. OR, keep it a secret from AJ!

Luckily... that time finally came, and well, I think the surprise went well...

I sent along photos, and invited her to check out our private wedding blog (for pics dating back over a decade); Leeanna asked some very good questions, designed to get the most out of her subjects. I provided her with nuggets of info and color preferences and little things that would make the pieces REALLY ring true.

Like for example, the extra careful attention paid to Mason's double coat. You can't really see it here, but the legs have two layers of fleece "fur" that actually move and wisp like Mason's hair. She captured his two tone ears and really got his majestic tail. And there's gorgeous stitching on the body to accent his blond highlights and dark brown lowlights. (he's not a diva... i just diva-fy him).

AJ's wearing his favorite colors & cool stripy socks (a must have in my boy's collection!). She totally captured his giant, wonderful smile. We both love his ears. Again, you cant see the detail here, but the jeans look SO real. The gold stitching on the pockets and fly front are impeccable. And, i'm told, Leeanna used reclaimed denim & other materials because she knew we'd want it that way. That's how we roll.

me? well, i'm easy. All i need is a t-shirt with the neck cut out (check), a comfy pair of jeans (check) and a pair of crocs (double check.. how flippin cute are they!?). She got my two tone hair & my favorite colors... and notice my smile is more of a smirk than a big full on smile?

yep. that's good detail.

So, know that we were the first ones to set this trend, but if you're interested in being Plushed, visit her shop and drop her a line. We've already decided she's going to make a new set of Us's for our anniversary every, oh, 10 years or so.

****Leeanna, we love ya. These are AMAZING****

Come & get em! Knitimal ornaments at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation today! 9:30 - 5pm

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