Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Happy Etsy-Versary!

Yes folks, today marks my Etsy-versary... four years ago today, I set up shop online & I haven't looked back.

And to celebrate?

Well, I'm gonna give you stuff, of course!
All day long, use the coupon code: 4SCORE to get a whopping 40% off ANY ORDER!

In addition to that, stay tuned all day long for hourly(ish) specials, deals, and offers for free goodies.

*I'll be listing them here as they come up, but you can get up to the minute announcements if you follow me (greenstarstudio) on twitter too!

(please note, the sales/offers listed below expire when noted, thanks!)

*First order gets a free Minimal (expired)
*11am-12pm : orders come with a free Knitimal Wallet (expired)
*12pm- 2pm : orders ship with a free biz card case & block print pin (expired)
*2:45pm : OFFER VALID FOR THE FIRST BUYER to include "PORTRAIT" in their message to seller at check out:::: get a FREE CUSTOM Portrait OoAKie (I will paint an OoAKie in your likeness, or that of a friend/family member) for the first order over $50 (before discount). Note-- doll will be painted & shipped on *my* schedule (please allow at least a few months for delivery! thanks)


*4:30pm- 6pm: orders ship with TWO block print pins (keep both or share 'em) & a $10 gift certificate for future orders!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lovely Print-It-Yourself Booklet!

Among my many projects this winter, I am happy to have contributed to this brand new printable from Indie Fixx!

Need some Valentine’s Day cards? How about a thank you card? Or some stationery? Maybe you want to put together some fun projects? Like an autograph book, a paper doll or photo frame print? Well, I’ve got you covered!

Actually, myself and 17 indie artists have got you covered. We have put together a PDF Print-It-Yourself Booklet as a supplement to the Lovely issue of Joie magazine.

There are 30+ printables in the booklet, including:

Valentine’s Day cards stationery
postcards bookmarks
prints color-it-yourself pages
random acts of kindness cards + more!

For more information on the booklet, check out the Indie Fixx website, here.

Friday, December 10, 2010

i'm back! with a baby! and a SALE!

As I was waiting for the window to open so I could sign into the blog to write this post, I thought "wow... its been SUCH a long time since I was here". Then the window opened and I saw the last post I wrote was on October 10th, and I was talking about having a baby in 3 weeks.

I was wrong.

Little did I know I'd have a baby in 8 days.

Hence, my friends, my long absence.

And while SO much has happened since I last wrote (shows, freelance gigs, tons of press...) the birth of my son, Emerson, is by far the most awesome, the most gratifying, the most newsworthy, and the most exhausting. The computer doesn't see much of me anymore. But my baby is almost 8 weeks old already and getting big fast (weep). In fact, if you've come to any of the holiday shows I've done this season, you likely met him... or at least saw him sleeping (he was SUCH a good boy... i think mama's got a good little helper here!).

And as I write this, I am also multi-tasking... rocking him with one arm and typing with the other. And he's totally on to me, so I can't stay long, but I did want to use this opportunity to tell you a couple quick things...

1.) If you live in the Baltimore area, please come out to the MICA Art Market tomorrow! Saturday is the last day, and its an amazing collection of work. I have dolls, cards, coasters, cozies and more for sale in the Illustration department's section. And sales help to raise money for scholarships.

2.) if you are still looking for good stuff for the holidays or need stocking stuffers (and even some larger goodies for BIG stockings), I've just added a bunch of inventory to my shop (and will be throwing the rest of my inventory in there once all the shows are done & retail shops have been restocked). There's tons of new stuff-- hair clips, earrings, cards, pin cushions and more.

3.) Thank you all SO much for your continued amazing support of me & my work. Its not easy being a full time mama & full time maker, but you make it worth while!

and last... as a special thank you, enjoy 10% off all orders with the coupon code: MERRY10

I'm leaving the shopopen through the holidays, so get in there and grab yourself something nice!

see you in the new year!
xoxo, danamarie

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Making Room For Baby SALE!!!

3 more weeks.

That's about how long we anticipate being a family of 2.5 (two humans, one dog). And then... 3.5.

As you all know, I have a hard time just relaxing, letting go and NOT working. But that is even more of a persnickety challenge with a baby on the way. There's so much to dust, to fold, to wash, to put together, to make safe, to purge, to buy, to DO! Add to that the fact that I have spent the last 3 weeks with Costochondristis (which is fun to google, if you wish to, but is) basically an inflamation of the connective tissue and whatnot in/on the ribs. My entire right side is a constantly aching, frozen, tense ball of ouch... so much for working on that mural for baby.

I'm sitting here now, surrounded by piles of baby clothes that need to be sorted, folded and put into the appropriate bins on the appropriate shelves and staring at a pile of felt that is BEGGING to be cut. Not today felt... today is "baby day".

I am planning on closing up the shop on November 1st (or sooner, if baby comes early, and knowing how punctual his mama is, there's a good chance he's already eyeing the calendar and making notes). I wont be "back in business" until the end of November, and even then, it'll be with a limited collection. SO, if you are planning on giving greenstar this year for the holidays, now would be the time to stock up, right? just in case.

SO, This Week Only, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING & free gifts w any purchase over $20! At checkout, just use the code: "Room4Baby" and I'll reimburse you the shipping cost. Spread the word & have fun! I've reduced the prices on a bunch of stuff too, so take advantage of those sales, baby.

Go, go, go.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fine Handworks Show this SATURDAY! (get em before they're gone!)

This weekend you can find more than just great books at the Book Festival!
Just a hop, skip & a jump from the main festival area, is a brand new Arts Festival.
The first annual Fine Handworks festival welcomes you to check out some of the coolest artists & crafters in Charm City, including BEST Members, and my good friends: JerseyGirlDesigns, Fuzzy Mug & The Littlest Bean. And of course, me.

Even more awesome? This is my LAST show before baby arrives, and as such I'll be looking to clear inventory so I can make room for tiny little socks and wooden teethers and all sorts of insanely adorable space taking-up-items, which we seem to keep accumulating. I won't have any Knitimals on hand, but there will be the last of the first edition Folkies (on SALE) and a bunch of Minimals to keep your plush needs met. Also, this would be a great time to stock up on Christmas ornaments and other holiday treats--- I'll bring those along too. There'll be soap and recycled plastic pins & pendants, plenty of notecards and other paper goods, tshirts and more. And of course, the now famous SALE BASKET.

If you're thinking about giving a custom Knitimal for the holidays, place those orders with me on Saturday-- you'll get 30% off the regular price of a custom doll, and it'll be ready in time for holiday gift giving.

brand new Folkie notecards!

work by jersey girl designs

work by fuzzy mug

work by the littlest bean (who, by the way, will be manning both our booths for the first hour, so hubs and i can attend our first birthing class!).

We hope to see you there!

Fine Handworks Festival
Saturday, September 25, 2010
Noon until 5:00 pm
Enoch Pratt Parish Hall, First Unitarian Church of Baltimore
On N. Charles Street, between W. Franklin and W. Hamilton Streets
Mt. Vernon neighborhood in downtown Baltimore


Friday, August 13, 2010


Happy Friday the 13th!
Around here, we're celebrating with some scary movies AND a FRIGHTENINGLY awesome sale!

Starting at 5pm today, you can shop till you drop (so to speak) and enjoy some SCARY bargains too.

I've spent all week re-stocking the shop and with only 1.5 more months of production before I'll be going on maternity leave, I'm offering my good friends & readers the opportunity to scoop up some goodies before they are gone for good (or at least for a few months). Now's a GREAT time to do some pre-holiday shopping too (goodness knows, with our little November baby, I'm taking care of all that shopping NOW myself).

So, what's this sale all about?

"FreeKend"... that one little word will get you a lot.

Well, for starters-- FREE SHIPPING on all orders (i'll refund the shipping cost after you complete payment).

And, for all orders over $25, you'll get a free Knitimal Wallet (perfect for Back to School-- to carry library cards, ID cards or bus passes. And perfect for you grown ups too-- a great way to tote your ID, credit cards and other essentials when you're out on the town).

All orders over $40, get a free wallet AND a free coloring book.

All orders over $60 ship with the wallet, a coloring book AND a gift certificate worth $15 for a future purchase.

All orders over $100 get all that great stuff... plus some surprises.

Not too shabby, huh?

AND, for every purchase this weekend, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a FREE FOLKIE! Can you imagine?!
Feel free to pass this along... the more the merrier!

Remember to use the code "FreeKend" in your message to seller at checkout, to qualify for all the goodness!

The sale ends Sunday, August 15th at Midnight EST, so don't wait too long!
Happy Friday, folks.
xo, danamarie

Monday, August 9, 2010

Congrats AND a new chance to win!

Well, friends, I hit 400 sales (with your help!), and as promised, one lucky shopper did, in fact, win herself a Folkie. Big congrats to Stephanie (whose name was pulled blindly from a stack of invoices).

Winning is fun, no?

So fun, in fact, that we're gonna do it again!
Every order this week (Monday though Monday) will be in the running (to become America's Next Top Model... ok, no, that's not it) to win another Folkie! All you have to do is shop & include the code "FolkieLove" in the message to seller at checkout.

In other exciting news: I'm restocking like mad, and there are a whole bunch of new and wonderful items just waiting for love in the shop-- new Knitimals, new Folkies, toothfairy pillows, business card holders, keychains, cards and more. Whattya waiting for?

go check it out!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

shop update! and a special giveaway....

First things first...

I've just started getting the shop updated again (takes a while to get back in the swing of things like this, you know? the photographing, the sitting at the computer and writing witty descriptions... most of the time, i'd rather be MAKING than advertising, but selling can't happen if people don't know what you're making, right?). So, as of tonight, there's some lovely new stuff in the shop, and I will be adding to it, as time permits, every day.

Curious what's there now?

In other news, as the baby countdown moves us closer and closer to deadline, I'm looking around and thinking "Man, there's a lot of stuff here, still". See, as I said before, I have a tendency to make and make and make, but a hard time with the selling. I'm not sure what the holiday season will hold for me, show-wise... I mean, I'll have a very, very wee person at that point, and might not be able to DO any shows. And if that's the case, with the exception of the Buyer's Market show at the end of the month, your only chance of getting anything from me, is gonna be online. And boy howdy, do I have products to move.

SO, I need an inventory reduction.

I'm also only 3 sales away from 400 (on etsy). So, the next 3 orders are in for a treat. Not only will your order ship with a few lovely little freebies, but ONE of your lucky folks will also win a FREE Folkie. Yep. Imagine how fun it'll be to open your package and discover a Folkie in addition to what you ordered!?!?! I KNOW!!!!

If you're interested (and how could you not be) just do some shopping and mention "SWEET400" in your message to seller at checkout. I'll do the rest.


Monday, August 2, 2010

fyi, I'm "ReCreative"

got a lovely little shout out today...
thanks Urbanite!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to work... with my feet up, of course.

With only a couple shows left on my pre-baby calendar, I must... Keep... Knitting...

This little bundle is going to be so cute when she's all sewn up & stuffed. I'm really digging oranges & blues these days.