Wednesday, December 5, 2007

the last of the 8th edition knitimals!

hello my hippity hoppity holiday shoppity friends! you may have noticed a snazy little badge up in the top left corner of my blog... the handmade pledge. i know you all know the value of buying (and selling) and supporting handmade, so i won't preach about it, but i will ask you, as you are finishing up the last of your holiday gift buying (or, if you're like me, um, not even thinking about it yet!), to keep the little guys in mind. handmade goods are made with love by people who are imbuing each item with love (you have to be making these things with love when you are bearly making a profit and running around like a crazy person trying to find organic wool stuffing... um, but i digress).

in a topsy turvy world where the big guys keep getting bigger and just keep getting richer, and yet, can't seem to "get it" that we don't want our kids chewing on lead based toys, or that we aren't thrilled about washing our hair with shampoo that blinded a bunny, or that we don't REALLY want to eat cookies (no matter how tasty) that may or may not have been made in a factory that may or may not have contained nuts... handmade equals "a real person", with whom you can communicate and custom order. handmade puts the consumer in charge and casts a vote for the little guy.

in this case, handmade casts a vote for the little wool knit guy.

that said, i am taking a very very very limited number of custom holiday orders so if you need something for someone, or if you remember a product from a show and want to know if i still have it, send me an email. Otherwise, there are only a handful of Knitimals remaining from the 8th edition (2006-07), and they'd like a new home.
the last available 8th edition knitimals™!

i'll complete the adoptions on a first come first serve basis, so speak up soon!
happy handmade holidays!
xoxo, danamarie

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