Monday, February 8, 2010

Even more dedicated than the Postal Service!

As you probably know, the good people of Baltimore have been hit might hard by a snow storm of epic proportions! (for us).

Schools, libraries, government etc have been shut down for days, but greenstarstudio doesn't rest! No!
The post offices are open, but the streets aren't drive-able, so they aren't coming to us.

So rest assured, good folks, if you ordered anything from me in the last few days, I just treked 2 miles in the unplowed snow, through streets only pedestrians could travel, often succumbing to 4 ft drifts and twice slipping on ice, to make sure that your packages will reach you AND your loved ones, by Valentine's Day.

No problem, guys. I love ya.
Let me know when you get them!

For now, I'm gonna trek back home, grab a beer and do some knitting.
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