Friday, September 14, 2007

michigan is for... Knitimals™!

well friends, this is a very exciting day for us at greenstarstudio... that's right, the knitimals have officially gone west young man... well, not ALL the way west, but retail wise, they've stopped hugging the east coast. this group of wooly knit friends is now residing in ann arbor, at red shoes! my good e-buddie, catherine and her sweet dog, pearl, have taken them in and put them into a new comfy corner where they can bring all their joy to the good people of michigan. if you happen to be one of these good people, go in and take one home with you! the knitimals, and i, feel very fortunate to be in such a COOL store. want to know more about red shoes?
check it out here!
xoxo danamarie

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

plush you!

it's official! the knitimals are on their way to the west coast. for those of your knitimals owners on the pacific, don't think i've forgotten you... surely i'd remember you, but this is the first time that they've been in a show over yonder. yes, the other morning i shipped out a big ol' box full of wool, bound for Fancy+Pants in Seattle, home of one of the three sections of the Plush You! 2007 show. I'd asked for opinions and feedback on who should go and in the end, these were the most loved and i couldn't be happier with the group. plus wth zeen's long arms he can cuddle bonnee and baisy if they get nervous in transit. for those of you on the west coast (or if you want to do what i'm doing and hop a $79 SWA flight) the show opens Oct. 12th! the work is supposed to be up on their collective websites too, so i'll keep you posted. wish them luck! (i apologize for the janky photos, but i wanted you to meet them right away) xoxo danamarie

Monday, September 10, 2007

panel #2... all done!

i'll have to re-take and re-post this picture on a day it's not raining. i feel pretty rugged, having spent the last 2 hours of my working day painting in varying strengths of wind and rain. i'm really happy with this panel. i love the sweet little houses formed around the "homeless" characters... little houses formed my charity and love. awwww.... xoxo danamarie