Wednesday, November 7, 2007

VOTE FOR ME!!!! the Holiday Softie Awards!

what a great day... i just found out i have been selected as a finalist in TWO categories in the Holiday Softie Awards!
the softies are an international plush competition, with thousands of entries, so to be one of 40 or so finalists is pretty awesome. i was a finalist in two categories, earlier in the year, during the "regular" Softie Awards. now all we need is a win!
to win, i need votes. for votes, i need you!

do you have a computer? more than one? USE THEM!!! below is the link to the voting site; please pass this along to your friends and co-workers. it only takes a minute to do. these are my two entries: sebastiana & tonsilitis... get to know their sweet little faces.

Sebastiana is the finalist in the "Animals dressed for the holidays" category
Tonsilitis is the finalist in the "Worst Gift I ever got" category (true story)
When you go to vote, those are categories 2 & 8... and be careful when you're clicking... the names aren't on the ballot in the same order as the images are posted, so make sure you double check the name you're clicking next to.

Thank you so much!


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