Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Greetings Green-Friends!
I feel like it's been ages since we've talked... and there's so much to talk about: the teen & adult art classes at school 33 (two more starting soon!), my most recent mural, upcoming shows, the 9th edition 2009 Knitimals, and all the brand new items I've added to the greenstar-catalog. Between newsletters, my blog is the best place to be kept up to speed, so bookmark it and read along!

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easy peasy.

That's a lot of GOOD STUFF.
Act quick... you only have until 11:59pm EST May 31st.

Prefer to shop in person?
You can find me here:
The Columbia Festival of the Arts, Art Park, Columbia, MD: June 13 & 14th 12-7pm and at Artscape, Baltimore, MD: July 17-19th. 

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Hope to see you all online or at a show soon! Until then, stay cool, and hug some art.
xoxo, danamarie

what the WHAT?!: a major snag...

when we last left the mural, it looked like this...

oh, but when i got there on Friday, it looked like this...
don't see a difference? look carefully at the scaffolding...

does that wood look weird to you?
see those metal bars just sorta dangling all this way and that?
see, that stuff's not supposed to be on the ground like that... it's supposed to be all attached and helpful and safe up top. 
you'll also notice that the stuff that is now on the ground, used to be a safety cage on the 4th level... you know, protecting me and whatnot. 
these pieces of metal are, theoretically, supposed to provide support and reassurance of safety... they shouldn't be hanging by a thread and all dangly like that. 

so it seems that i, the consummate believer in the power of public art and transformation has been victimized. it seems, at least to SOME people, that the best thing about this mural is the access to a little "easy" money. the vandalism was, most likely, an attempt at a get rich quick scheme--- dismantle some parts, sell them to a scaffolding company (maybe a rival company, maybe the company that owned them to begin with). all i know is, my scaffold doesn't work anymore; someone who didn't belong on it was on it and did bad things to it; and for some reason, didn't even take the pieces with them when they were done! maybe they got spooked. who knows. 

what i DO know is, i spent the rest of the day trying to get a remedy to the problem and at this point, the only resolution is that the company will put it back together for me... sort of. They won't, it seems, be putting the top access gate back up... because it's "too expensive" (i'm guessing its too expensive a risk to take to maybe have it be dismantled, damaged or stolen)... in the meantime, i will have to see if i am even remotely comfortable climbing all the heck back up there without any leverage, anything to grab on to or steady myself to pull myself up to the top level. 

this is glamorous. 

cross your fingers that a.) when i give it a whirl on monday, it's not so bad and at least do-able enough for me to go up ONCE and finish all the faces in one day, b.) that if it IS terribly scary that i'll be able to convince someone to put the piece back up, or c.) that the mural magically completes itself (or that i grow wings and develop hummingbird like skills and can paint while hovering). 

oh dear.