Thursday, August 21, 2008

spring cleaning! (i'm either really early or really late)

ah, cleaning house. i'm not a fan, really, but i don't see why you can't benefit from it, right?

coloring book, keychain, wool, coffee cozy, pitter, reLana, reLarry, t-shirt, minimal

these sweet little goodies are in danger of "expiring" on etsy (GASP!), meaning, they've stayed in the shop for three whole months without getting the attention or love they deserve. we can't sit back and let that happen, can we? SO, i have gone back through and sweetened the deal--- they are all now ON SALE (in some cases as much as HALF OFF their usual retail price) and if you order by Saturday, you'll get free shipping too!

*just go to the shop, fill up your cart (and feel free to take home other goodies too!), then checkout and pay. Once i get the payment, i'll reimburse your the shipping total via paypal. easy peasy.*

** reLana and reLarry, the sweet, earth friendly, snuggly recyclimals will expire on SATURDAY!!! So act fast and take them home by Friday night, or they'll be gone.


this is a great time to stock up on holiday gifts, back to school treats and more!
and remember, 5% of all sales will go to 2 Dogs 2000 Miles!. it's a win win.

much love! xo, danamarie