Wednesday, November 14, 2007

meet them in person!

i forgot to mention that if you want to meet the now famous Dr. Benedict (and his friend "its an honor to be nominated" Sebastiana) or, i dare say, TAKE THEM HOME WITH YOU... they will be re-emerging at Bazaart next next weekend. yes, next next. that's how i do things. xoxo danamarie

three cheers for TONSILITIS!!!

no... not the illness (though i am MORE familiar with it than i'd like to be... and it HAS gotten me out of work a number of times), no this time we're cheering for Dr. Benedict, the knitimal who took home first prize in the "Worst Gift I ever Got" category in the 2007 Softie Awards (yay!). he's thrilled and celebrating by laying low. the entries were all SO great and the winners? oh my gosh... i need to sell more knitimals so i can buy some of THEIR work! check out all the action here:
2007 Holiday Softie Awards