Tuesday, June 12, 2007

chalk it up!

....sooooo, have you ever drawn on asphalt? with chalk? in the rain? i did! as you know, i participated in the columbia festival of the arts this past weekend and for a few hours on sunday i left my booth in jess's capable hands and stepped outside to draw with chalk. i was totally winging it. i brought brushes and a spray bottle (a lark) and figured out i could use them to smush the chalk into a paint of sorts. the image is based off of one of my illustrations ("new thunder") and i am pretty pleased with the way it turned out. ESPECIALLY since half way through the process, it started raining and i had to fashion, in a macguyver-y way, a tarp made out of towels and garbage bags and plastic shelving. in the end, my butt was wet and asphalt dimpled, BUT, i won first place and took home a very pretty penny. well, a check... look at my confused/bemused schrinchy face in this picture. its just chalk, dana... its just chalk.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

patterns patterns everywhere...

aj and i just got back from a wonderful little trip to sweet little helen, georgia. my parents are (finally!!!) freeing themselves from the soul-sucking miami and moving to northern georgia. helen is an alpine (read: looks like germany as featured in "it's a small world" at the magic kingdom, but with more candy stores) town in northern georgia, and was the site of many of our family vacations "back in the day". on our last full day down there, we went a-hikin' at anna ruby falls (i use "hiking" very loosely because it makes it sound more woodsy) and having just been discussing quilting (really), we walked through these beautiful shadow patterns, which we both decided should be the basis for the next quilt mom makes us. the moral of the story is: inspiration is everywhere; and you should make efforts to hike more.