Saturday, September 13, 2008


If you're in Baltimore, come see me here!

Its hot and its really bright out. Hence the face. Xo!
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Friday, September 12, 2008

today in the studio

happy friday, everyone! xo, danamarie

Thursday, September 11, 2008

take time to say "thanks" & "i love you" & "_______"

today i am feeling thankful.

thank you all for such strong support after my last post--- you'll be happy to know i am busy working on the illustrated version of that beloved image... it'll be smaller, but it'll be just as powerful.

i am thankful for a place where i can post a message like that, and know i am reaching others.

i'm thankful for the sweet little red-headed, 4-legged boy scrunched up next to me as i type--- he had such a large shepherd spaced hole in my heart to try to fill, and he's done his work admirably.

i'm thankful for a good night's sleep. for online friends. for children who listen. for art museums. for really good french bread. for cupcakes. for BEAUTIFUL fall weather. for the love of my life. for the walk i'm about to go on. for soft soft yarn. for the super yummy pizza we had last night after our doggie date (with the two cutest doxie puppies ever!... next to mason). for the rush of getting ready for a show. for the "i don't like it, but i want to like it" feeling that settles over me when i'm not sure what's going to happen next. for pigeons. for the beach. for big cities. for friendliness. for good manners. for freshly polished toes (i think mine are pretty cute, i must say). for the "star" shape. for the color blue. for knowing a good friend is very happy. and on that note--- for good friends.

today is the birthday of my beautiful sister, Ashley, and one of my dearest friends, Alecia. Who now, serendipitously, both live in suburbs of Boston. And i am thankful that they know each other and can look out for one another. and today, i am thankful thinking of them. i love you both!

take the time today to tell someone you love just how you feel. You can send them one of these cards...

"best wishes"

"hang in there" cards

...or, post your comment below.
i love you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the mural that never was

for four brief, fleeting days, there was a 2040 sq ft wall, in baltimore city, with my name on it.
this image (my MOST favorite mural image to date ) was chosen, by a panel of judges, to grace it.

well, politics has reared its VERY ugly, very biased, very irrational head again, and today, i lost the mural.
well, that's not entirely fair. i might've been able to keep it... provided i painted the side of the building to look like... yep, the SIDE OF A BUILDING. i would've LOVED the money--- i could definitely USE the money, but i am not a sell out. I don't do things "for money". I do things for me & for people; for education & inspiration.

*for the record--- this is NOT the city's doing. 'the city" is actually quite disappointed. "the city" has been nothing but good to me.

there's more to the story, but i'm going to bite my tongue and say instead this:
we are artists.
we are not machines.
this is an image that came from my heart. and i gave it to you, to make YOUR community happier, more inspired, and graced with creativity.
you are ignorant and foolish and misguided.
your community is missing out--- not just because i wont be painting there, but because NO original, genuine thought will be painted there.
this city is full of artists with voices-- heck, this WORLD is.
i hope some day you'll listen to them.

in the meantime, friends (and yes, i am writing this with a tear stained face), i love this image so much that i am going to transform it into a piece of my own; it won't be a mural, but it will be beautiful mixed media illustration and when it's done, i will post it here and if anyone wants one, you'll be able to find limited edition prints of it, right here.

xoxo, danamarie

Monday, September 8, 2008

Shipping's little helper

A busy weekend for sales; mason (and the mason thank you cards) help me pack boxes and fill envelopes. Orders will go out tomorrow, so if you want a jump on shipping, get your orders in by 4pm tomorrow! Xo, danamarie
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sale, sale, sale

thanks to everyone who came out and picked up new greenstar-goodies yesterday! if you haven't shopped yet, don't worry... there's still plenty of great stuff waiting for you. LOTS of sales and every order will ship with a free $10 gift certificate & a coupon for free shipping (that's an instant stocking stuffer!), plus YOU won't pay for shipping.

let's not waste anymore time (i'm sure your boss won't mind you doing a little shopping for a while)

Pitter the Knitimal

hand painted knitimal t-shirt

hand knit coffee cozy

xo, danamarie

Sunday, September 7, 2008

greenstarstudio: the Fall update!

hello friends!
hope you've all enjoyed a restful, relaxing summer and are ready for the changing leaves, warm jackets & colors of the fall. for many, autumn means school, but autumn also marks the start of the holiday shopping season, which means sales, shows & shop updates! So...

*find me at these Fall shows:
hampdenfest: september 13th, 11 am-7 pm
belair festival for the arts: september 21st, 10am-5pm
Vida's Market New York City: October 18th

*take advantage of my most recent etsy shop update (lots of SALES & everything is eligible for FREE SHIPPING this month!)

with all new products, like: organic onesies, magnets, 2 brand new coloring books, decals & more. *** all orders placed this week will ship with a FREE $10 gift certificate!***

*visit my new shop on "Big Cartel" to find these brand new Knitimals! and other stuff.

*support the September charity of the month with a custom Pet Knitimal

*other news? oh, i've got lots... how about taking a class with me? want to know more about the newest greenstarstudio mural coming to baltimore? my upcoming coloring contest? what about custom, hand drawn t-shirts? halloween masks? a greenstarstudio thanksgiving "cornucopia" of goodies giveaway? 'random acts of nice' surprise packages, online "silent" art auction, yep, it's all coming up. bookmark the blog and visit often for upcoming promotions, giveaways, contests and more!

have a safe and wonderful autumn!
hope to see you and hear from you soon.
xoxo, danamarie