Friday, November 2, 2007

holiday softie award entries!

hey! remember the softie awards? last march a whole bunch of you voted for me and the knitimals (who were finalists in 2 categories); well, the minds behind the softie awards (an international plush competition that showcases softies, dolls and plush sculpture from all over the globe) have introduced the "holiday softie awards" . entries were due earlier in the week, and finalists, who will be chosen by judges before the world gets a chance to vote on the winners, should be announced sometime next week. here are a few of my submissions... if we make it through, i'll let you know about voting. in the meantime... if you're interested in purchasing any of these brand new (i've never made holiday themed knitimals before!) knitimals, just let me know.
*red bear boy (linus) (approx. 16" tall): $150
*red (beanie) & green (dulaine) knitimals with stars (approx. 16" tall): $130 each
*in quite tolerable snowman (approx. 8" tall): $75
*gift (approx. 10" tall): $40


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