Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy thanksgiving!

just a quick note from the road... happy thanksgiving every body! i spent the weeks leading up to our 12 hour drive knitting, packing, sewing, painting, stapling, glueing, baking, molding, matting, taping, wrapping, typing, organizing, and preparing for the upcoming shows. we'll get back in town just hours before set-up time for Bazaart. i'll be working off a highway buzz (driving in the dark, gas station coffee and a lot of candy), so expect a beautiful display and LOTS of new work for your enjoyment. so... enjoy! xoxo danamarie

Monday, November 19, 2007

ringo and holly

sweet little ringo, with his dangly long legs, went to live in minnesota with holly earlier this week. holly makes sweet little plush things which you can check out on her flickr page
ringo and friends on flickr
, or on her etsy site:
, should you get tired of knit things or just want to add a little something different to your collection. i only know her in cyber space, but i feel confident saying she is quite sweet herself. xo danamarie, and yes, i'm sure ringo has "the accent" now, eh.