Wednesday, November 28, 2007

bazaart at the visionary!

yay! another wonderfully successful Bazaart is behind us. (the "yay" refers to the fact that Bazaart exists and exists with me, not that it is behind us... its "over-ness" is actually super sad). I love bazaart for a number of reasons: 1.) you can set up all week long. 2.) you can come back the next day to break down. 3.) this year there was a preview night, wherein people paid money to come in and get first dibs, to drink and to buy stuff, 4.) everyone that comes to Bazaart is SO flippin cool. 5.) the knitimals are totally welcome and understood and appreciated, 5.) no one calls them "monsters" or says: "these are like the ugly dolls!" (not that there is anything wrong with ugly dolls... its just that, well, they're not like the ugly dolls at all), 6.) i always make great new friends here, 6.) they give us donuts and coffee, 7.) there's fun music, 8.) doesnt feel a thing like work, 9.) great lighting, 10.) clean floors!, 11.) blue felt to decorate instead of formal name tags, 12.) i wait all year for it.

i will happily drive 10 hours from portland to do this show in the future. thanks for inviting me, bazaart people!

ok. so these are pictures of my booth (enjoy it, because it might well be my last "booth" per se, for a while... the next two shows are table top only or 6x8 spaces marked by tape). i had a ton of fun getting set up... i've never had a corner booth before, so that was a fun challenge. i'm so glad i left the left side wall open. it took a little last minute ingenuity, but it was worth it. i loved the set up and how bright and cheery everything was. it's always my goal to envision my booth as a little store. i SO want a little (well, not so little) store, and for now, this is as close as i get.

the new work--- the ornaments (both knit and illustrated), the soap, the hats, the new zines... all the new stuff got such fabulous responses... the air in the booth was like cotton candy, only gas. wait. that was weird. i just meant that it smelled and felt good in there! please don't walk away... i didn't mean to use the "g" word.

that said, please come out to my last TWO shows of 2007! this coming saturday, Dec. 1 at Centenniel High School in Ellicott City, MD and then my birthday (yay) Sunday, Dec. 2 at the Creative Alliance in baltimore. If you didn't get me a gift, its ok. just buy something and i'll use the money to get myself something shiny. (or more likely, to get myself more yarn, so i can make something else for you).

after the shows, i will update the website with any little guys still looking for homes... and i will, knock wood, hopefully find the time to open my etsy shop, so you can shop with ease between now and whenever the next show is.
till then...xoxo danamarie

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