Friday, March 7, 2008

hummingbird, in parts

here's a hummingbird knitimal commission i am working on... it's taking a while to figure out all the steps and just what pieces i need to knit up, but i'm enjoying the subtle, audobon-y-ness of it all. it's nice to be able to take a step back and work quietly and slowly every now and again (plus, i am silently... ok, not so silently, coveting it). maybe i'm just taking my time so i don't have to part with her?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

be an angel to an animal in need!

those of you who know me, know that i am a total softie when it comes to animals, especially dogs. there's this great even in Baltimore each year that i've always wanted to participate in, but with my dog, er, aggressive Shiloh, it wasn't really an option; SO, now that she's passed peacefully to a place where all dogs are friends, i am thrilled to announce that Mason and i will be marching on her behalf!

The lovely ladies of B.E.S.T have formed a "pack" in the hopes of rasing some much needed money for some deserving animals. Mason & I will be walking in the March for the Animals on April 20. Would you please consider making a gift to support the Maryland SPCA? As a local, private non-profit shelter, the Maryland SPCA receives no government funding or money from national animal welfare organizations. On behalf of the more than 3,000 lost and homeless animals that are placed into homes by the Maryland SPCA each year, (and on behalf of the often un-mentioned but just as important member of our little family, Finnegan the cat, who, once named "Magwire" CAME from the MDSPCA), i thank you!

I will be putting a "donation" listing up in my etsy shop next Wednesday, which will include a free gift... what will it be? a pin? a magnet? a print? we'll see, AND EVERY listing in my shop will be able to join in the fun because March 5th through April 18th, i will donate 10% of each purchase to the MD SPCA.

if you want to make a donation (and please do! even a dollar is great... i mean, that's like a whole rawhide chew, right?) please do one of the following:

*visit my etsy shop and make a purchase and enjoy knowing that 10% of that money will go to a sweet animal! shop etsy and make a difference!
*check back in next Wednesday to buy the "$10 donation" listing in my etsy shop.
*visit my personal donation page on the March for the Animals website and make a pledge make a donation online!

xoxo, danamarie

time for another installment of...

(that's all i wanted to say... its just so cute).
xoxo, danamarie

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

walters mural

lift off! 14 hours of ladder up & downing, paint can lid on and offing, and water bottle refilling later, we have a mural! i'm very proud to be able to say i have a painting in the walters art museum; having spent the last year or so working in the education program there and seeing, every saturday, just what a special place it is. it's great to see waltee (the much loved lion cub mascot brain child of brian ralph) come to life with all his friends... the knight, the muse, the samurai and the mummy (who, luckily enough, also happen to be among the most loved pieces of art in the collection). the space looks brighter, bigger and more welcoming to the kids and families who drop in every weekend too, and i think, it's a much more "art friendly" space. i hope it's loved for years to come! xoxo, danamarie

Monday, March 3, 2008

walters mural progress

so... i started work on the mural in the walters' family art center today. here's how far i got. sorry this is a lame entry but my back hurts and my hands have paint brush abrasions on them. owie.

Is this heaven or what?!

Who me? Oh, I'm just knitting a custom hummingbird knitimal with a dachshund puppy on my lap, that's all.
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