Friday, September 11, 2009

Plush You... small steps

In just under a month I will be work-acationing in Seattle; jointly enjoying hang time with my brother & sister and joining my brothers-in-plush arms at Plush You 2009!

I know many of the artists who will be exhibiting there (even if i've never actually met them, I know them well from their blogs & shops and i can't wait to snuggle their plushies in person) and no doubt, all of the submissions will be innovative and beautiful. I imagine everyone participating put very careful thought into the planning and creation of their plush works of art, and i was no exception. Yes, if you're gonna hang in an internationally reknown show such as this, you don't go into it lightly.

So, much thought later, I think i finally settled on a set of three I could really sink my teeth into.

Now, all the work has already been sent to Seattle, and I believe in being fair, so I'm not going to reveal anything here before it's unveiled over there, ya know? But I have snapped pictures all along the way, and will be sharing the progress with you every now again, all the way up to the big reveal on Oct. 9th (when Plush You officially opens!).

Stay tuned....

xoxo, danamarie

imagination celebration!

say hello to the new Knitimal Finger Puppets!

available in custom colors too.
decorate those fingers and celebrate the imagination why dontcha?!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my better half...

In other amazing art news... a special shout out to Mr. Greenstarstudio, for his 2nd place win in the highly competitive and highly bizarre Baltimore City Paper's 8th Annual Comics Contest.

he won a $100 gift certificate to a wine shop... which is hilarious because if asked what specialty store we'd be least likely to ever use a gift certificate for, i think wine shop would place second after hunting store.... and even at a hunting store we'd probably be able to find something we could re-purpose.

but it's not about the prize; it's about his 2nd time in the coveted number two spot, and his 3rd time in print in the city paper!

want to see some more?

yay AJ!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

fall goodies: coasters!

set of four coasters, just listed!

Monday, September 7, 2009

happy labor day!

now go have some fun!