Wednesday, January 23, 2008

one twelfth of the year... not too shabby

so, you know how you don't make new year's resolutions because the very idea of a "resolution" makes you start thinking about ways to back out of it? (oh, really? you don't? oh... well, neither do i then. er.) i have this thing about new year's resolutions... i think they're silly. i think that if you want to make change, you should make a number of years ago, this image served as my new year's mailer/ promo card and i've never gotten a reaction to a promo piece like the one i got from this one. i can't say for sure, but i'd feel pretty confident that i'm not the only one who can relate to this image; balancing responsibilities, trying to grow as a person, managing more than you think you can while attempting to be gentle & kind, creative & focused... well, it's not an easy thing to do all the time. we are quickly sewing up the seams on the first month of the new year and i am already reminding myself regularly that i can, in fact, "be better today". on one hand, i am working as hard as my little hands can work to restock the shop, keep on top of my website & etsy shop, and research new retail and exhibition opportunities... on the other hand, our vacuum cleaner is toast, i've re-read the same chapter of a book a started a year ago no less than 40 times, and i haven't slept more than 4 hours a night in months. what gives!? i'm willing to chalk it up to the delicate balance that is life. and perhaps, i need to focus on the positive...the knitimals were invited to be a part of a show at purdue university, called: "Plushed: Art Gone Soft". the show is up now through feb 1, 2008 and we are so excited (the other knitimals and myself). there are some very talented artists in the show, including my e-friend robyn fabsits whose sideshow plushies i saw at Plush You this past October and fell head over heels in love with. so far the show is getting some great reviews... i'm sad i can't be there, but liz erlewine, who's put the show together, sent this link today: Plushed: Art Gone Soft. ... not sleeping can have its perks... like, i sit on the floor in my studio moving balls of yarn around and coming up with color combinations that will inspire and jumpstart something in my brain parts. i'm pretty fond of what's happening here. i've been enjoying the (temporary but nice while it lasts) order and discipline of my new pretty studio. i feel good looking at a space that i know is functional and aesthetically pleasing. i'm also re-falling in love with some handmade goodies of mr. beecat here... the original knitimal, slowly partying his way toward a decade old and hanging tough with one of my most prized possessions: my "walk the line" pillow by my good friend jennyjen. (isn't it the cutest thing ever?). and of course, now that i can SEE all my cherished possessions, i've been making tracks to procure MORE possessions. i'm on etsy now... or perhaps it's more accurate to say "etsy is on me". i may have a problem. i am slowly but surely building a collection of finely crafted hand made bird dolls from all over the world (for the children i don't have yet). don't worry though, i'm getting plenty of stuff for me. jewelry mostly... things i can't make. oh etsy.

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speaking of etsy, i'm a proud member of a group calledB.E.S.T (baltimore etsy street team), a collective of very talented women working & living in baltimore and selling on etsy. we're working together to better promote the handmade in this city and i for one and happy to be affiliated with such a unique group of artists. i managed to pull myself away from handmade cyber shopping long enough to compose and distribute my winter newsletter (almost as taxing as doing all the things IN the newsletter); if you aren't on the mailing list yet and would like to be added, so you can receive newsletters and other promo materials, please let me know! so, i guess opening a new web-shop, joining a club, prepping for an out of state exhibition, practicing ruthless self promotion and finally cleaning up my unrelentingly cluttered pack-rat of a studio isn't too shabby of start to the year now, is it?