Wednesday, March 12, 2008

new in the shop!

i've been knitting and sewing my little fingers to the quick and i am happy (though calloused) to say: "haroo hooray, the etsy shop was updated today!" (no imagine me yelling from a rooftop and flailing, because the drama makes it much more significant). so yes, there are some new knitimals in the shop (and a few more that haven't been posted yet, but are on reserve for some lucky pre-orderererererers), and in addition to Knitimals, i've plopped in some soap, some pins, some new magnets, more books and then some. and it is here that i will not so subtly remind you that from now until April 18th ANY thing you purchase will have a little extra love about it, because 10% of each purchase will count as a donation to the Maryland SPCA. On April 20th, Mason and I will be marching our little hearts out to raise money for animals in need (he will be extra grateful because he has a very cute new sweater to wear and he knows there are many many dogs out there who, while cute, do not have mommies to make them sweaters), and we will be dropping off a check in the amount of whatever we can scrounge up, so PLEASE! DONATE! remember, donations are 100% tax deductible, so why not get a jump start on some holiday shopping or stock up on birthday gifts and buy now, while there's charity involved, eh? i thank you, and the homeless animals of the state thank you! shop now, help some animals xoxo, danamarie

hummingbird is done!

hello friends! today's a big day... my beautiful hummingbird is done. it's a little sad. she's officially not mine anymore, but i know she's about to fly off to a beautiful new home, with beautiful new friends, way out west. and THAT makes me happy. i think once i get over the loss, i'm going to have to make myself a hummingbird of my very own. in the meantime, i am updating my etsy shop like a mad woman! remember, from now until April 18th, ANY purchase you make will mean a 10% donation to the MD SPCA, so donate now! (see the "angel" post below for more info) xoxo, danamarie.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

arrrr, sweater!

this just in! happy boston terrier in new england is loving his new skull & crossbones sweater! pretty cute, eh? this is finnegan. his mom sent me these fabulous pictures of him wearing the sweater i made him a couple weeks ago. i think he looks just dashing in it! now, dog sweater knitting isn't my typical arena, but the recent acquisition of a tiny, shivery, sweater needing dog has tapped into that knit fashion part of my brain and well... the original pirate dog sweater was made to fit little mason (10" chest). THIS sweater was a whopping 23"! Nevertheless... i think Finnegan is a handsome boy in a handsome sweater. I also think that if you want a sweater of any kind for your pup, you should drop me a line! xoxo, danamarie