Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Friday and some spring cleaning!

Hello friends! Just flopping in to say "happy Friday" AND that my mommy is going to announce something super cool next week. Maybe something FREE! Have a good weekend! Xoxo, mason
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

mason the brave, in annapolis

what makes him so brave? well, there were a lot of ducks, for one, and he is significantly smaller than a duck. also, he was wearing an orange polo shirt, because his mom thinks animals small enough TO BE dressed, SHOULD BE dressed. mason fits in this smallness category.

mostly though, it was his prowess at navigating crowded streets and being touched, photographed and loved on by total strangers that makes him brave. and for his bravery, he was rewarded with an amazing new collar and leash set SO cute it couldn't have been cuter if i made it myself! if you find yourself needing a cute something or other for your pup, visit paws! xoxo, danamarie

knitimals in annapolis!

well folks, annapolis just got a little greener... or should i say greenSTARrier?
no, that doesn't work too well. let's just say there is now a place to fill your greenstar needs in the annapolis area.
i am pleased as punch (what does that even mean? punch is alright, i guess, but not THAT great. sometimes it's WAY too sugary and then you get that bright red stain on your upper lip and THAT'S weird and every knows you've been drinking punch and... anyway), to announce that the Knitimals have a new home at whimzikidz in annapolis, md. have you ever been? oh you MUST go! annapolis is SO sweet and the whole "right on the water" things reminds me of Portland, ME, which you all know i love. We took Mason with us to meet the lovely Lynne Davis, proprietor of Whimzikidz (and super friendly dog lover, i must say)

these are just a few of the dolls now living at whimzikdz, awaiting adoption, so if you're in the area, or looking for a wonderful little day trip, head on over! whimzikidz: 6 Fleet Street Annapolis, MD 21401

Monday, March 17, 2008

All vaccinated and micro chipped!

Little mason had has last rounds of vaccines today, and got himself a fancy, schmancy micro chip between his shoulder blades. Here's my poor, lethargic little bionic puppy. Just a reminder, now until April 18th, 10% of all my etsy sales will go to the MD SPCA! Xoxo, danamarie
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