Thursday, November 12, 2009

year one: a lot like day one, but with different colored scarves

I'm not one for tradition. I mean, traditions I believe in, maybe, but anything else is just silly. I've heard of brides saving the top of their wedding cake to eat on their anniversary--- we had donuts and bagels, and while their ARE things in our freezer that are over a year old, a Dunkin Donuts double chocolate and an Einstein Brothers potato bagel would never have lasted that long. Not in this carb-loving house.
I know some brides save their bouquet to make potpourri with--- my bouquet was a stack of lovingly cut tracings of my favorite people's hands. And it has lived in a vase in our living room for a year.
I know some brides rush to the cleaners to get their dresses out of storage, to see if they still fit in them--- I didn't have a dress. I dont really "do" dresses. I wore a grey sweater... in fact, we both wore grey sweaters. With matching orange scarves. Our wedding was sweet and simple, and afterward, we went for a long stroll around Annapolis... in November. We were thinking practicality.
our one year anniversary was this past tuesday.

I teach Tuesday nights, and while i flirted with the idea of canceling class so that we could go out on our actual anniversary, it didn't feel right... i really like my students.
So, we decided we'd celebrate on Wednesday night instead, which was fine with me... it'd give me the whole day to "primp" (which, I'm sure you realize, i didnt do. I spent the day making Knitimal Ornaments). We knew we were going Pazo for our dinner (thanks to AJ's placing in the City Paper Comics Contest... fat ol' gift certificate to the amazing Pazo tapas restaurant in Fells Point... if you haven't gone, go); AJ made the reservation and told them it was our anniversary, because it was and because they asked. We semi-secretly wondered if it would amount to anything. We're both artists. Free stuff is always good stuff.

We'd only been to Pazo once before, and it was on someone else's very generous dime. I remembered it being super swanky, and with a dress code.

Anyway, I lamented the "dress" code, because honestly, it takes a lot to get me in a dress. And if you follow me on Twitter, you know I also spent the day lamenting about having to put on a dress. I'm not really a dress person, but it was our anniversary and you know, you have to look nice if you're gonna go out and be all fancy (especially if you only do it once a year!).

I had just showered and pulled the dress in question out of a ball of previously rejected and not ever hung back up clothes in the corner of my closet (Ugh. Now i have iron too), when AJ got home and said "Is there a dress code for tonight?". I said "i was going to wear the black dress" and he said "oh, i was thinking we could wear our sweaters".

o. m. g.

the sweaters!
YES, of COURSE we'd wear our sweaters.
THIS is why I married this man.

So, there we were in our sweaters & green scarves, this year. Semi recreating this photo, which we took before we left the house on our Wedding Day:

And for those wondering (because i totally would be): Dinner was amazing. So amazing that my hubby, who loathes (hunny, can i say "loathes"? how bout "is really not a fan of") fish, said the BEST part of dinner was the medium rare Tuna & the scallops. (the Tuna with Avocado Salsa Verde is AMAZING. go to Pazo and get it). Our server, Tara, was a sweetheart. There was a very loud table of some sort of business type people with a guy leading cheers right behind us (i should also note that we had the entire top section of the restaurant to ourselves, save for them), and everyone in the restaurant seemed annoyed and intrigued by him, to the point that the hostess, upon our leaving, asked us if we had done any cheering with him. It didn't really bother us much... it was more interesting than anything, but Tara came over at one point and apologized for them and said they'd be buying us dessert. She came back over a while later with two glasses of champagne and told us that she'd decided that since the loud guy had agreed to get us something, she thought it better to get him to give us champagne since it was worth more and that SHE would buy us dessert.

ah, free stuff.

happy anniversary, mr. greenstar!

note: i couldn't decide on which picture i liked best... our "album cover", our "demure love" or our "holiday card", so i used em all. This is the combined result of a camera on self timer and a squirmy dachshund that insists on licking your mouth or nose whenever cameras are pointed his way.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Felt Frog & Pig: Love Story for the Decades

today is our one year wedding anniversary. of course, its hard for either of us to look at our relationship as only "one year old", especially because i know we both feel like we've known each other and loved one another our entire lives.

when i was younger (and even not so young) i was in love with Kermit the Frog.
No, really.
Seriously, truly in love with him.
Like, I wanted to marry him, in love.

I never understood why Kermit & Miss Piggy were an item. I didn't see how she could make him happy; she seemed really overbearing and loud; she was bossy and bold; she had tons of thick blonde hair and always seemed to storm off in a huff if she didn't get her way.

Kermit--- i would love you in a way Piggy couldn't.

Now, of course, i never married Kermit (though i think about it still...), but i also never stopped loving him. As I got older, i started to understand their relationship more. Piggy WAS bold, but she was a perfect catalyst for meek Kermit-- she pushed him to do things and take risks. She was loud, but it was only because Kermie was so quiet. She wanted things her way... but I saw her compromise too. Maybe they were made for each other, afterall.


A year and some months ago, AJ & i took a trip to DC to see the Jim Henson exhibit at the Smithsonian. It was beautiful. I wept. I felt inspired. We both marveled at his genius--- at the love & passion and integrity Henson poured into everything he made. We were in awe of the work we knew had made us "different" and had helped to sculpt us as young artists and impassioned people.

At some point in the day I decided I didn't want to wait anymore for "the perfect moment", or until we had "enough money" or "enough time"; we'd been talking about getting married for years and we both knew we were supposed to be together; why wait any longer? We were walking in through mall, after the show, on our way to the DC Zoo, when I just said "will you marry me? Let's get married. Let's just do it". I knew I'd taken some of the "boy power" out of the whole proposal thing... but that's just how I am; i don't believe in convention--- i see something I want, and i get it. Call me overbearing or bossy, but I was tired of waiting, and I knew AJ was waiting for "the right time". I wanted him to know it WAS the right time... in fact, we'd waited too long already. Kermit & Piggy never worried about other people. Hell, they got married despite my belief that they belonged together!


We put together this wedding blog as a way of sharing our adventure with our family & friends and picked November 10th as the day we'd have the ceremony performed, mostly because it was a day I already had off and AJ was able to get the day off. We wanted to have a night away, and the 10th was the most viable day for it. I liked the idea of sharing November with Thanksgiving and my parent's anniversary... but honestly, November is a very busy month for me and getting it done sooner than later just worked.

I sang "Somebody's Getting Married" (from the Muppets Take Manhattan) and used that as our wedding day post on the blog. I couldn't help feel like the Muppets were responsible in a few different ways... I mean, Kermit & Piggy taught me about love, right? And I guess, if I'm being totally honest... AJ & I do kinda have a Kermit & Piggy thing going on.


A year has passed and I am reflecting on the day we said "I do". Remembering too, how much i loved the sentiment expressed in the song from Kermit & Piggy's wedding... "he makes her happy... she makes him happy... she makes me happy... he makes me happy, that's all I need to know". And he does. And it is.

I sat down to write this post and got a message from a friend; a tweet, actually, wishing us and Sesame Street a happy anniversary. I assumed it was a generalization, until I read this article. Turns out, 40 years ago today, Sesame Street premiered. Jim Henson's brilliance was launched into the mainstream, and 10 years later I would start watching it, learning from it. I would meet the Muppets too. And 16 years after that, I'd meet AJ. And at an exhibit celebrating his life and work, we'd decide to get married, for real, on November 10th, just because it fit in our schedules.

And a year later, to the day, we'd be sharing our anniversary with Sesame Street.

How cool is that?
About as cool as we are, that's how.