Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shop Update & Crazy Sale! (coming soon)

you know that Knitimal you've been eyeing for the last couple months? do you recall promising yourself that you'd only buy hand made things for the kids from now on? remember when you fell in love with that print online? you know how you've been wanting to order a custom Knitimal for yourself for a while? do you remember cursing the entire day last weekend when you drove from store to store looking for the perfect gift to bring to your neighbor's daughter's birthday party? well... i might be able to help you out.

i'm thinking it's time to reward my good friends & loyal shoppers with a little summer shopping spree! On Friday, June 20th, we're going to celebrate summer in style... greenstarstyle. i'll be spending every spare second this week filling my etsy shop with a little bit of everything (brand new knitimals, games, soaps, books, magnets, decals, tshirts and more) getting ready for a big blow out!

now is the time to stock up on birthday gifts, holiday presents, and generally cool stuff to keep in that box you stock with gifts for those events that catch you off guard. i've been working overtime the last few weeks to prepare for show & retail re-stocks and now i have too much... ah, benefit from my diligence you will!

i don't want to spoil the fun, but i will say this--- EVERY order will be eligible for free shipping, so you'll pay nothing to get your new goodies; prices will be marked down substantially on all early 2008 edition Knitimals, and most other items as well. In addition to free shipping, all orders will receive additional discounts & some people will even get surprise gifts sent along as well.

SO, start scoping out the shop and mark your calendars.
I'll be back on Thursday to give you the final details!
xoxo, danamarie

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