Tuesday, June 17, 2008

learn something new!

the summer is a good time to try out new things.

like... say taking a picture every day (2001), pink hair (2002), biking everywhere (2003), writing letters instead of sending emails (2004), being a "tourist" in your own town (2005), making soup from scratch every thursday night (one month of thursdays in 2006...ok, that one wasn't as successful as it could've been), or applying for a home loan (2007... that one didn't get very far either).
For me, this summer will be about education. And i think it would be a good project for you too. Here's my proposal, start with a one day workshop; one where you'll come in open minded and walk out with 2 or 3 pieces of art.

i taught a painting course through the muse, in frederick, md, a few months back. the actual workshop was 4 hours long and students learned color theory, painting techniques in acrylic and watercolor and left with at least 3 paintings each. It was pretty amazing. I love watching people learn new things. Every time i teach, i find i learn something new too... and that's pretty cool.

this time around, i'll be teaching a workshop on Painted Paper Collage Quilts... Using a variety of dyeing, drawing, painting, and decorative techniques, we'll turn plain paper into strips and blocks of paper "fabric". Use these to piece together beautiful abstract and narrative collage quilts. Always wanted to quilt, but don't know how to sew? Why not trade that needle for glue and turn scraps of paper into art, with paper piece "quilting"?

this is a REALLY fun, REALLY easy way to make very attractive gifts and decorative pieces for your own home. I promise you, its VERY easy. You'll be surprised by how simple and relaxing this technique is!
the workshop will be Sunday, June 29th, from 12- 4pm, in Frederick, MD.
for more info & to sign up
spots are filling fast, so hurry up and sign up today!

**** If you're looking to learn how to draw, and want a little more intensive course, try a drawing class! I'll be teaching a beginners & intermediate drawing course through school 33 in july and august. to register & for more info click here!

****as an added bonus, all workshop participants are eligible for 10% off their next greenstarstudio etsy or festival purchase!***
xo, danamarie

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