Thursday, June 19, 2008

Insanity in 8 hours...

mason and i just got back from the dog park (where he was totally & repeatedly trounced by a french bulldog... poor little man; he falls so hard for those squishy faced lady dogs); as soon as i get him cleaned off, i will go back to stuffing my shop. I've already had a couple test runs and my thought is this--- i'm going to request that people go ahead and COMPLETE payment when they check out and i'll refund the shipping money right back to you. It's much easier that way (for both of us). If you don't read this before then, that's fine too. We'll figure it out.

Some people have already been scoping things out and asking some questions so here's answers for the masses:
* i AM adding more to the shop--- car magnets, decals, stickers, more tshirts, a game or two, more coloring books, some frames and boxes, a couple new journals and some more knitimals. all the updates will be done by midnight.

* all the coupons, discounts, gift certificates and referral coupons will be sent either WITH your order or by email after the fact; those can be used after this sale (not during, and not combined with any other discount or deal).

*you WILL receive ONE "free shipping" coupon per referral i get. For example--- if two of your friends place orders and use the code in the "message to seller" section of the invoice AND mention your name & email address, i will send you TWO "free shipping" coupons; if 10 people place orders and name you, i'll send you TEN free shipping coupons. pretty cool, huh?! you can use those coupons (one per order/ address) to have orders sent to you, or anyone else, for that matter!

*I will send the referral code to anyone who places an order, so you will be able to pass it along; i also know some of you have been sending/ forwarding my email to your friends (before you get a referral code)--- that's totally cool too. Just "cc" me on it, and that'll count.

*yes, i will restock throughout the sale, but i don't have a ton to restock with, so if you see something you love and you'd like more of them, send me an email and i'll let you know if i have more--- if i do, i'll happily list them for you.

Ok! i think that covers it! remember, now is a GREAT time to stock up on gifts for the rest of the year. The sale will run through July 1st, at which point all the offers expire and the prices will go back to normal, so act quick like bunnies! xoxo, danamarie
massive giant super summer sale of awesomeness!!!

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nicole said...

Your etsy creations are SO cute!