Wednesday, June 18, 2008

HUGE SUMMER SALE! starts friday at midnight!

here it is kids... the MASSIVE greenstarstudio SUMMER SALE of 2008!

there's no time to play around here--- this one is big. get ready. i've gotten a lot of emails already, so to keep things fair, here's the deal--- the sale (and all its assorted glory and gifts) will begin at midnight Thursday (or 12am Friday morning, however you prefer to view it... me, i like thinking of it as Thursday night, but then again, to me "next weekend" means the one 14 days from now and "THIS weekend" means the one 7 days from now... not that any or that matters since the sale is THIS Friday, or Thursday, depending on how you look at it).

so, starting this Thursday, June 19th at midnight (or 12am Friday morning), any and every item in my etsy shop will be ON SALE. The prices have all been cut, in some cases by as much as $30, and are ready for the snatching up. But it's not just the huge savings over the usual online and show prices that's at stake here... oh no, there's a lot more. What more? Read on...

*free shipping, within the U.S on all orders (no matter what size!)

*every order will be sent out with a 10% off coupon, good for your next etsy or festival purchase, of ANY amount.
(if you're sending the order as a gift, i'll send you the coupon separately, if you'd like).

*every order over $10 will get a $5 gift certificate that you can share, give as a gift or use yourself on a future order of $50 or more. (again, if you're sending the order as a gift, i'll send you the coupon separately, if you'd like).

*first 10 orders places will be sent out with a free greenstarstudio bumper sticker

*share the love? yep--- send your friends my way and YOU'LL get greenstarcash. When you complete your order, i'll send you a code--- if you pass it along and your friend places an order with the code, i'll email you a coupon for free shipping on your next order!

*AND LAST BUT SOOOOOO NOT LEAST...Every order $40.00 or more that is placed through my etsy shop from June 20th through July 1st, will be entered into a drawing. Drawing will be held on 7-2-08! The winner will win a $20.00 gift certificate good for online OR in person purchases through 2008!!!! (Winner will be notified via e-mail & posted on the blog & in the shop announcement!)

can you EVEN believe it? such incentive!
and if that weren't enough, you can add "do-gooding" to the list. That's right, it's time to announce the greenstarstudio charity of the month for June through August (since we're starting a little late). My good friend Ashley is running a 60 mile race in Seattle to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. 60 miles!? dang! she's going to need our help--- participants have to commit to over $2,000 to participate and i intend to help her get there, SO, from now until August 1st, i'll donate 5% of all etsy sales to Seattle 3 Day and to the race for the cure for Breast Cancer.

so, now what?
1.) grab a drink and get comfy.
2.) head over to the SUMMER SALE!
3.) shop your heart out, fill that shopping cart and checkout.
4.) choose your payment option (to complete your order) but DON'T pay yet.
5.) once i receive the notification of your purchase from etsy, i'll adjust your invoice accordingly (taking out the shipping amount) and send it back to you.
6.) when you get the new invoice, you can log into paypal and pay!
7.) if THAT all seems to complicated, you could always pay the amount they tell you, and i'll refund you the difference when i get the notification.

the fine print:

8.) if you are one of the first 10 shoppers, i'll throw a bumper sticker in with your goodies.
9.) everyone gets a 10% off coupon (to be used at a later date-- not for this sale)
10.) every order over $10 will get a $5 gift certificate (also to be used later)
11.) every order over $40 will be entered into a drawing for a $20 gift certificate.
12.) after you've completed your order, i'll send you a promo code you can pass along to your non-greenstar friends & family. When they place THEIR order, they'll need to include the code in the "message to seller" section of the invoice at check out & tell me who referred them (including your email address). When i get all that info, I'll send YOU a coupon for free shipping on your next purchase (valid through 2008 ).

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