Wednesday, February 20, 2008

crabbe: my "swap" knitimal for

my new friends over at the needle organized a plush swap. i don't know who my plushie will come from but i know where mine is going. i can't spoil the surprise, so i'll just say he's heading west young man. we were supposed to base our doll on our location, so Crabbe is (naturally) based on the Maryland Blue Crab! i hope he'll be well loved in his new home. *also, on the "i thought this was the greenstarstudio blog, not the DOG blog" front, i just want to point out that i made this little guy whilst crate training. yes. go me. mason assures me he WILL let me get back to work soon.* xo, danamarie

1 comment:

Eva said...

thank you dana! i love crabbe :) i blogged about him on my blog here

thanks for taking the time to knit him up- he'll make a wonderful addition to my collection.

ps: your puppy is adorable :)