Monday, February 18, 2008

mason face

so, bringing you up to speed on mason's training... he's still not cool with being left alone. poor little guy. its simultaneously annoying and adorable at once. his lung capacity is better than mine (can i get a "what-what" from all the asthmatic dogs out there?!). what is the limit to how long you can bark before you tire yourself out? i can tell you what its NOT... 8 hours. it is not 8 hours. i also have a question to both the makers of the Kong toys and those of you out there who have them and whose dogs love them... how do you make that happen? mason "likes" his, but only in the light of day with all of his sides, top and bottom free to roam... in the crate? well, in the crate the only thing of value is getting OUT! still, i'm holding my resolve and repeating my mantra: "i dont see you. when you bark, you are invisible. when you are quiet, i magically appear. for now, however, you are invisible and i don't see you". during playtime, we are LOVING the way he runs--- it's this fabulous sideways run run run skip thing. his front half is wider than his back half and his legs are so sweetly bowed, even sitting is adorable. oh! and when he runs... his ears! yesterday we were afraid he'd be swept away by the wind like a little paper glider. he pees really cute (i'll spare you the pictures of that). he has this terrible habit of trying to jump on the couch and bumping his noggin on the coffee table (we ARE working on stopping that). he periodically rounds up all his toys and stuffs them in his crate. that's pretty awesome. and of course, when he's curled up asleep... it doesnt get better. in the moments when he ISN'T barking (or sleeping), i try to catch and appreciate the amazing little cutenesses of his being. and thus, i present: "studies in cuteness":

a puppy licking your nose-holes. (ok, cute & gross). he does this a lot. A LOT.

a puppy chewing on a similarly sized doll's nose

a puppy's "magic hairs" (as they are known in our household)... look at them! so long!

a puppy's sweet tiny little face

*addendum, added at 2:30am: must remember how cute he is. must remember....

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