Monday, February 25, 2008

and a mural is born...

it was off to the city of brotherly love this week for a little mural-ly love. these are some of my favorite things; opportunities to take a plain white wall and make it into something bright & (hopefully) inspiring. this particular piece? for a not- yet- born little man named Nate.

the wall is about 10 x 7 ft and the theme of the mural is family: here & there.... geography of the heart and the people and places that are important to family, no matter where they are. the focal point of the mural is a "family portrait" of the current "children" (3 cats and a dog named Annie, who befriended me and checked in on my progress throughout the day).

8 hours later, i have all (most of) the basic color blocks in place and am ready for day two: detail!

1 comment:

Kel said...

This is so beautiful, and i love the dog sprawled out staring at the wall, too cute! Congrats on a fabu creation!