Wednesday, February 20, 2008

shiloh's birthday & mason's first trip to the dog park

yesterday would've been shiloh's 11th birthday. in the week before we lost her, i'd decided i wanted to take her to the dog park ( a place she should NOT have gone to, as she hated dogs and dogs were sure to be there; but a place i thought, what the heck, bark yourself silly). well, fate didn't have it that way, so instead we decided to wait and take Mason there on Shiloh's birthday (and she tagged along, of course). he's still really little and not fully vaccinated yet, so he spent most of the short time we were there in our arms (ps... it was 30 yesterday and no joke, 70 degrees the day before). after a brief memorial service and a woman asking he we restrain ourselves from biting him (the answer, as any of you who know me would guess, is, i don't), we packed up the kids and headed home. it was short and sweet. we were pretty sure shiloh would've wanted it that way... but with more chicken mcnuggets. xo, danamarie

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