Tuesday, July 15, 2008

procrastination 102: "things i did when i should've been painting, or at the very least sleeping"

so, it's 3:39 am and not much has changed... except i decided i needed a new banner for my booth.

this is a legitimate project. the old one (which i love for sentimental reasons) is over 3 years old, a little banged up, and not as vivid as it once was. i got as far as rolling the old one out for measurements and painting the base color before mason decided he needed to lay on it and rip the guts out of a stuffed lamb tuggy on it... and so, i'm off to procrastinate again.

12:33-- bake new knitimal figurines for soap. now, this isn't exactly procrastinating, since i WILL use these, but it's not high on the priority list.

1:37: visit the kitchen again, last cup of coffee, notice and then photograph how much the two yams look like animals.
(l) a mole & (r) clearly a worm.

3:30 am... blog about procrastinating.

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