Tuesday, July 15, 2008

getting cozy: new for artscape

first some thoughts:
*When you purchase one cup of coffee (or tea) in a disposable container every day, you create about 23 lb of waste each year. -Ideal Bite

*About eighteen percent of garbage we produce is composed of disposable containers, of which hot beverage cups represent a large portion.Styrofoam cups are the worst culprits, as it never degrades. Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups every ear. Even 500 years from now, the foam coffee cup you used this morning will be sitting in a landfill somewhere. -The Recycler's Handbook


i DO TRY as much as possible to use a travel mug when i get coffee anywhere other than my own kitchen, but let's be honest... you don't always plan for coffee and you don't always carry a mug.

BUT, you can keep a coffee cozy in your glove box, purse, jacket pocket or desk drawer.
a disposable container every now and again is one thing... but do we really need to dispose of the little cardboard sleeve that keeps our fingertips safe?

better yet--- do we really need to look so dorky doing it? of course not!

Now you can wow your barista and start a trend with a hand felted knitimal coffee cup cozy. it may not be much, but using a cute wooly knitimal cozy instead of a piece of cardboard is just one more small thing that you can do to help the environment. Think of it this way, you'll be throwing away a lot less cardboard and you'll look smarter doing it! It's easy to tuck away and a great way to mark your cup as your own in the carpool, at office meetings, crowded cafe tables and more. Plus, instead of giving your name at the counter you can say "call me environmentally savvy and just plain cool, thank you very much!".

the original Knitimal Coffee Cozies (pictured above) are 100% wool, hand knit and hand felted and use no machines at all in their production. They feel nice and soft in your hand and hug your coffee cup nice and snug. They fit standard cafe issue paper coffee cups.

if you're looking for a slightly less "fancy" version, you could also opt for the newest coffee cozies, made from recycled felt--- still hand sewn (no machines!) but not hand knit. either way, they're better than paper waste and you can find them at artscape this weekend!

Tomorrow, get your morning coffee in style, wouldya?


Leeanna Butcher said...

These are fabulous! Terrific idea! :)

Kel said...

these are adorable! i didn't see them on the etsy site -- are they there? just curious...thanks, and good luck this weekend!