Tuesday, July 15, 2008

procrastination 101: also known as "things i did when i should've been sewing"

it's 12 am and i have stayed awake under the guise of "needing" to finish sewing some new knitimals together. but you know what? i'm tired. not sleeping tired... more like BORED tired. and really, i have no business being bored. i have a 3 page to-do list. and yet, i've spent the last 2 hours doing anything and everything but sew.

it's true.

9pm: begin a marathon of the SAW quadrilogy. a.) those of you who know me know that THIS is not all that shocking. i have a strange fascination with really horrific thrillers. it's the story telling, i swear. but b.) i do recognize that this particular image is disturbing in it's juxtaposition.

9:30: take a picture of how sleepy the dog is.

9:35: take notice of, and then a photograph of, how amazing the dog's toe hairs are.

11:00: make second pot of coffee. Do you like this coffee pot? My brother designed it. yep. i think that's pretty cool, too.

11:37: brush the cat; spend 15 minutes sneezing, then photograph the cat. I know, i know--- i never talk about him. His name is Finnegan and by his own choosing, he lives strictly in the bathroom.

ok. i'm going to go sew.

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