Tuesday, February 26, 2008

weekly dose of cute

little man! are you kidding me, mason? you can not be that cute. it's too much. no one can take it.

i implore you... please take your cuteness down a notch or 4.

so, baby mason will be 3 months old on Saturday. he's going to the vet tonight for his next set of shots and i'm gonna guess that he's... 5 lbs now (he was 4.1 last time). he's gotten longer, but not taller. and yes, since you were clearly going to comment on it, yes, he is continuing to get cuter.
he's developed this very serious expression that i am currently finding very funny. i mean, you're pocket sized. why so serious?


L said...

this is the cutest doggie! awwwwhhh.

elvia montemayor said...

he is sooo cute!!! I want one!