Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet the Folkies!

As promised... i'd like you to meet The Folkies!
Folkies are the newest addition to the greenstarstudio plush family.
Folkies wear their pajamas all day long and are ready for a good snuggle at any moment.
100% one of a kind, Folkies are made without patterns and can't be reproduced. Each one should be considered an original art piece, to be collected and loved. This sweet Folkie is hand stitched and machine sewn, made with ultra soft fleece and felt accents. stuffed with polyfil, so he's sturdy but totally huggable.

Each Folkie has been cut & pieced together by hand and features a small embroidered heart on their cheek. They are then machine sewn, with emphasis on the color of the thread against the fabric & the "drawings" the thread makes. The stitches are intentionally energetic and organic--- Folkies originated as characters in my illustrations and murals, and now, brought to "life" as soft sculpture, the stitch lines are meant to replicate the unique marks, textures and patterns of those paintings & drawings.

Christopher & Maximus are the first two Folkies to be listed in the shop and if you want to give them good homes,
you can find them here!

Or, celebrate Arbor Day with this little guy (for sale in the Plush Team Shop)