Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

last night, i had a really awful dream... my character development class was a attacked by aliens, everything exploded and we had to duck for cover. I woke up thinking two things: a.) wow, that was nuts... i hope THAT's not the reason class is cancelled today, and b.) illustrating that dream would make a fabulous assignment! (because, i can't turn it off, ever, ever, always thinking).

luckily, when i got out of bed and checked the school website i found that class would indeed be cancelled, and there was no mention of aliens (saved again!). my husband came in to find me on the computer, still in pjs and said "i should've made you promise me last night that if school was closed YOU wouldn't work!"... so i sent an email to the class and closed the computer for good. he was right. snow days were for fun. (my trouble is, my work IS my fun, so the line is dangerously thin). we made hot tea and watched Memento (mason picked it out. really). Then, on a return trip to the kitchen for more Sweet Lily White (my current tea obsession), i noticed how beautiful and tall and untouched the snow was on the back deck... Shiloh always loved pouncing in it... would Mason? He's not typically a fan of the snow (which doesn't bode well for any impending trips to New England), but i thought maybe if i threw his beloved "snow crab" out there, he might find his badger-hunting-roots beckoning him to burrow and tunnel and catch.

Within moments he was flopping about, scratching and pawing and sniffing. His face was covered in little white flakes. He shivered and we called him back in. But, then we discovered another game innate to Dachshunds. It's called "Sit Stubbornly and Stare at the thing you can't have, refusing to move or be swayed by food or whistling, until the door is opened for you again and you get what you want".

he won.

would you believe that dog sat, unwavering, for over an hour, staring at the snow falling and (no doubt) obsessing over the notion that another dog might swoop down and enjoy his snow in his stead.

all told, he enjoyed 5 trips out to the deck.
and we enjoyed 5 opportunities to sop up melting snow from the back studio carpet.

hope you all had as much fun!

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Stacey said...

Mason is so freaking CUTE!