Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fahrenheit 451: The Handmade Fire-Sale

Quick! Buy 'em cheap, before we have to burn all those hand knit softies & self published books! The more I read about this CPSIA thing, the more I'm reminded of 9th grade English class and reading Fahrenheit 451... I have visions of us sitting around a campfire in the not too distant future, painstakingly describing what crocheting was to bewildered children.

"see, long ago, before handmade items for kids so expensive to produce and sell and were made, essentially illegal, people would hold a stick with a curved end and loop it around yarn and suddenly you'd have socks!"

As you've likely read in the post above, I am bracing myself for that bitter future (not anticipating it... but preparing nonetheless). So, until this whole CPSIA thing is re-evaluated, addressed and finalized one and for all, I'm going to give myself piece of mind by liquidating my current stock of goods made explicitly for children. That means all coloring books, onesies, kids' shirts, soaps etc. The jury is still out on Knitimals... they may be safe, they may not. I'll worry about that in due time.

For now, please help me clear my mind and my inventory!
Many "Children's Specialty" shops on Etsy are actively closing shop. Many more are offering clearance sales. Across the board, we're all concerned.

Please take a moment to visit my shop and stock up now on items you might have been planning to give as gifts in the future, or things your kids have loved from me in the past (or hey, if YOU want it... that works too!). I've cut most of the prices in half--- I'd rather be loved by kids now, than have to worry about deleting the listing in a couple of weeks and worrying about how to get these items out to the public. Some members of the etsy community have stated that a "fire sale" would give the appearance of a less serious business; one that is more concerned about recouping money that a child's safety. If it puts anyone's mind at ease--- I'm selling these items for cost, not profit; I could just as easily keep them and give them as gifts or save them for my own children. I'm putting them on sale now in the hopes that a.) people who had planned to buy similar items anyway, will actually be ABLE to buy them now, since they may not be legal in a few weeks; b.) because i'm convinced that at some point if we can all show someone in power just how panicked buyers became at the news of a threat to their ability to patronize the handmade they might realize how big of an issue this is; and c.) because however paranoid and ridiculous it might be, I'm annoyed that I'll have paid money to list something on Etsy and will just have to delete it and eat the cost, OR risk being tracked down through a simple "children's" search online and be hauled off to jail.

At least this way if I am arrested, I'll have about a hundred extra bucks to put toward bail.

and d.) because if anyone deserves a massive discount on my my work, it's my faithful blog readers and loyal customers--- we're all affected by this.

I am also liquidating a few remaining childrens' items that I haven't listed on Etsy yet; my masks & hand knit hats. If you're interested in purchasing these, please email me and let me know!

The Knitimal Masks:

these masks are made of felt and hand sewn. The edges have been decoratively stitched and the elastic band is big enough to stretch on an adult's head, but the size of the actual mask is designed for fit a child's face.

these masks are great for halloween AND every day dress up! now only $6 each

Hand Knit One-Of-A-Kind Knitimal Hats:

Hats are made from wool blend yarns and designed to fit a toddler or small child's head. If you need a point of reference, my lovely model is 3 years old, but has an (albeit adorable) relatively large head.

Hats are $12 each.

I'll keep you posted on any changes or updates to the CPSIA. And anything else that comes up... i DO actually have a lot of really great new stories and things to share. But I'll save them for now.

Thanks for your support!
xo, danamarie

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