Wednesday, March 12, 2008

hummingbird is done!

hello friends! today's a big day... my beautiful hummingbird is done. it's a little sad. she's officially not mine anymore, but i know she's about to fly off to a beautiful new home, with beautiful new friends, way out west. and THAT makes me happy. i think once i get over the loss, i'm going to have to make myself a hummingbird of my very own. in the meantime, i am updating my etsy shop like a mad woman! remember, from now until April 18th, ANY purchase you make will mean a 10% donation to the MD SPCA, so donate now! (see the "angel" post below for more info) xoxo, danamarie.

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Peggy Fussell said...

Oh Dana,
I love, love this hummingbird and feel a need to have one myself. Would that be possible? Lordy, I hope so.