Sunday, March 9, 2008

arrrr, sweater!

this just in! happy boston terrier in new england is loving his new skull & crossbones sweater! pretty cute, eh? this is finnegan. his mom sent me these fabulous pictures of him wearing the sweater i made him a couple weeks ago. i think he looks just dashing in it! now, dog sweater knitting isn't my typical arena, but the recent acquisition of a tiny, shivery, sweater needing dog has tapped into that knit fashion part of my brain and well... the original pirate dog sweater was made to fit little mason (10" chest). THIS sweater was a whopping 23"! Nevertheless... i think Finnegan is a handsome boy in a handsome sweater. I also think that if you want a sweater of any kind for your pup, you should drop me a line! xoxo, danamarie

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